Welcome to Kindergarten Reminder – Thursday, May 7th

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Parents of next year’s JK students (JK  students beginning in September 2015), do not forget that Thursday, May 7th is our Welcome to Kindergarten Meeting in the 1st Block.


On this day, next year’s JKs and their parents will have the opportunity to visit the school and the Kindergarten classrooms in our 1st Block (9:00 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.).  They will have the opportunity to visit the classrooms and see what a typical Kindergarten classroom looks like and get a sense of school routines.  The chance to see other parts of the school will also occur.  One or both of our school’s Parent Council Co-Chairs will be there to greet students and parents.  Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about the programme and school routines.


This is a GREAT day for next year’s JKs!  For students and parents this is a huge step in their lives.