Mrs. DeGroote’s May Nutrition News

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The students, who come to help make breakfast, gain insights into food preparation and menu planning. For me, I can determine those who are capable enough to take on extra challenges. In the past week, I had early morning appointments two days in a row, which meant I had to leave by 8:00 to arrive on time. I called upon Madeline Debnam to complete preparing the breakfast trays and deliver them, which she did admirably both days. Thank you, Madeline, for your assistance! I’m sure all the students who use our breakfast trays appreciate your competence and dedication.

With only two months left in the school calendar, Breakfast Club is slowly starting to wind down. The ladies who bake haven’t been called on to come in. In this way, the quantity of baked goods that are in the freezer will start to decrease. With class trips coming up in the near future, there is less demand for the breakfast trays. With this in mind, please be advised that the last day breakfast trays will be provided will be June 12. If there is any food remaining in the freezer, it will be put out the following week until it is all gone.

Thank you to all of you who have donated to Breakfast Club, whether it is donating food, funds or your time. The students are the ones who benefit. They are truly appreciative. Thank you!

~ Mrs. DeGroote