May’s Principal’s Message

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As is so often the case when you live in Canada, weather dominates our first thoughts!  While we did enjoy some warmer weather in parts of April, having to pull out gloves and hats at other times was not such a great thing.  The cold weather simply does not want to let go!


Regardless of the weather, Dr. George Hall was an AMAZING place to be in April!  Really, what has not been happening at the school?!?


The school year is passing in a terrifyingly quick manner!  While there are 2 months remaining in the year, everyone knows that they are going to pass in the blink of an eye.


• the Gardening Club has been hard at work in the past couple of weeks looking after the Peace Garden.  The Peace Garden offers a different and more relaxing environment for students at recess.  Some teachers go out and conduct their classes in the garden.  Students have been working in the garden during recesses and after school, doing a general clean up and preparing for some upcoming landscaping changes.

Our younger students especially like the Peace Garden as it a place away from the often very busy yard (with sports, tag and other games being played).


• our Basketball teams did extremely well this year!  The Senior Girls get top-billing with their County Championship victory!  A picture of the team along with its members has already been posted to the school’s website.  Mr. Hetherington could not be more proud of the girls!  The Senior Boys, while not going on to the County competition, did work hard and Ms. MacEachern was happy with their efforts and progress.  The Junior Mixed Basketball Team made it on to the County Competition and also achieved a great deal of success, finishing respectfully.  Considering the intense level of competition on the Junior Mixed side, this was an impressive result!  In addition to the hard work of the students, a shout-out should also go to the coaches of the teams: Ms. Carruth for the Primary team AND Junior Mixed team, Ms. MacEachern for the Senior Boys and Mr. Hetherington for the Senior Boys.


• the Skipping team practiced throughout the month of April (I think the Skipping team is the most dedicated team and club in the school – they have been practicing for months!).  Double-unders, freestyle, open…there is a skipping style for just about everyone in the school.  Team members regularly give up recesses and come before school to practice routines and refine their techniques.  For anyone who has not seen the Skipping team in action…it is impressive!

The Skipping team will be competing on Thursday, May 14th.  Mrs. Burns, Ms. McColl and Ms. Horton are looking forward to seeing the girls and boys on the team show everything they have learned.


• DGH School Spirit was INCREDIBLE on both of our “dress in a colour” days.  The first day was to wear blue in recognition of World Autism Awareness Day.  We figure that at least 80% of the school was wearing blue.  Simply put, DGH, amazing!  The second day was to wear Pink in recognition of StandUp Day.  Likely 75% of the school was wearing pink, including a large number of boys!  While we did not have the student body come together for a photo – the number of students wearing pink around the school was impressive!


Upcoming Events


• DGH’s school Track and Field Days are scheduled for Monday, May 11th and Tuesday, May 12th.


• Club and Team photos take place on Wednesday, May 13th.  This will take the majority of the day.  If at all possible, please have your son or daughter at school on that day if they have belonged to any clubs or teams.


• DGH’s Skipping team competes on Thursday, May 14th.  As mentioned above, the team has been practicing hard and Mrs. Burns is looking forward to the competition.


• the school’s Loonie Assembly takes place on Friday, May 15th.  The assembly takes place in the 2nd Block.  In the 3rd Block Intermediate students will enjoy their final dance of the year (other than the graduation dance).


• a number of our grade 7 and 8 students will be heading to TLAC for the week of May 18th to 22nd.  TLAC is the Trillium Lakelands Arts Camp which provides an opportunity for intermediate students who are interested in the arts to immerse themselves in this area of interest for a week with similarly minded students.  TLAC is a fabulous activity and one that many students look forward to each year.


• Monday, May 19th is the Victoria Day Holiday (there is no school on this day).


• EQAO happens for our grade 3 and 6 students between May 25th and May 29th and June 1st to June 4th.  We ask, whenever possible, for parents of students in these grades to ensure that children are at school on EQAO writing days.  A letter has gone home to parents of grade 3 and 6 students indicating the specific days in which students are writing and the times.  Our grade 3s will be writing in the 1st Block and our grade 6s will be writing in the 2nd Block.


• the next Parent Council Meeting is at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 26th.


• Friday, June 5th is a PA day.  Students will enjoy a long-weekend, while staff will be working on Report Cards.  It is probably safe to say that students will be having a more enjoyable day than staff!