Scientists in the School on Monday, June 1st for Ms. McColl’s and Ms. Burns’ Classes

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Ms. Burns’ and Ms. McColl’s classes will be welcoming back the Scientists in the School programme on Monday, June 1st.  Scientists in the School is always a big hit with students.  They combine interesting, hands-on science with the grade 5 and 6 curriculum for a unique and loved experience.


Have fun!  Try not to cause too much destruction in the school!

Grade 8 Graduation – Wednesday, June 24th

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The school’s year-end is definitely drawing very close now!  Grade 8 Graduation is just around the corner.


DGH’s Grade 8 Graduation ceremony begins at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24th in the gym.  As this is my first year at DGH (this is Mr. Parish writing the post), I am really looking forward to taking part in the graduation ceremony as every school’s ceremony is unique in its own way.  Grade 8 Graduation is one of the best (if not the best) days of the year!


Following the graduation ceremony, there will be a dance for the graduates in the gym.


DGH Spirit Day TOMORROW – Polka Dots and Stripes!

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DGH – let’s keep the OUTSTANDING school spirit going!


Our Spirit Day day tomorrow (Friday, May 29th) is Polka Dots and Stripes Day!  Break out the striped shirts!  Perhaps you have pants with stripes on them?   You might even have a shirt with polka dots on it!


Or, get creative.  Could you add polka dots or stripes to your clothing?  I bet you can!


DGH, do your best to make it happen!  We cannot wait to see what your creativity brings tomorrow!

LCVI Grade 9 Orientation – Wednesday, September 2

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Grade 8 students and parents – LCVI will be holding its Grade 9 Orientation on Wednesday, September 2.  The orientation will take place between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m..


Please enter this in your calendars!  The orientation event gives the new Grade 9 students another chance to see the school, their classrooms and find out where their locker will be located.


More information regarding orientation will be provided to students by LCVI as the event comes closer.

Grades 7 and 8 Bike Trip – Tuesday, June 2nd

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As mentioned in a previous post, we can tell that the school is getting close to the end because of the many different activities taking place!  Being new to the school this year (this is Mr. Parish writing the post), I am learning about all of DGH’s traditions.  One of the cooler traditions is a grades 7 and 8 Bike Trip between the school and Lindsay.


A very cool and interesting aspect of Intermediate students and the Intermediate division is that you can do things with them that you cannot necessarily do with other grades.  The Bike Trip is really an excellent way for our Intermediate students to bond.  Our grade 8s will be soon heading off to high school and our grade 7s have only 1 year remaining in their elementary schooling (which will pass amazingly quick next year!).  In some respects, the Bike Trip is likely one of those experiences that they will never forget.


Thank you to the Lindsay Boys and Girls Club which is lending several bikes to DGH students for the day (they have supported DGH this way in the past, as well).  This allows all of our students to participate if they wish.


All students will need to wear a bicycle helmet and should come dressed for the day and the weather.  Please check the weather that morning and dress for the temperature and conditions.

Grade 8s Visit LCVI on Thursday, June 4th

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The 2014-2015 school year must be getting closer to its end!  Our grade 8 students will be visiting LCVI during the 2nd and 3rd blocks on Thursday, June 4th.


There are 2 reasons for the visit.  The first reason is to provide our grade 8s with a basic orientation of LCVI.  While some of our students have older siblings who have attended LCVI, for many of our students this may be their first connection to the high school.  The transition to high school is a wonderful step; however, it can also be a step with some nervousness.  After all, some of our students have only known one school – having attended DGH from JK to grade 8.  The visit to LCVI will give them a walkthrough of the school, give them a sense of what a high school looks like and how it operates and a chance to meet some staff.  Through experience we have learned that the smoother the transition between elementary and secondary school, the greater the chance for all of our students to be successful.


The second reason for the visit (and a bonus) is to watch the Pan Am Games Torch Relay come through Lindsay.  Our grade 8 students will get the chance to watch the torch go by and attend a larger celebration at Victoria Park.  The opportunity to be part of something “bigger” is definitely not one to pass up.


Thanks to LCVI, Ms. Read and Mr. Hetherington for organizing this visit.

Grade 7 and 8 Golf Team Qualifier on Thursday, May 28th

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DGH is a pretty active school when it comes to sports!  With the warmer weather, of course, comes golf season and Ms. Graham has already been hard at work with practices for DGH’s Senior Golf Team.  The divots on the school yard certainly indicate practices taking place…!


The County Golf Tournament is on Friday, June 12th.  However, DGH has a significant number of student golfers, so in order to choose the team Ms. Graham is having a golf qualifier on Thursday, May 28th at Deer Run.


As always, thank you to the students who put the time and effort into trying out for our school teams.  While it is great to make teams, the more important life skill is in trying out and putting forth your best effort (not to mention being part of a team).  That DGH is blessed with so many committed students is a wonderful thing!


Thanks also to Ms. Graham for organizing and supervising the DGH Senior Golf Team.

DGH’s Peace Garden

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Ms. Jewell’s Notes from the Garden

Our warm weather has brought colour to the garden…both flowers and weeds!  This year gardening began before the snow was completely gone!  Landyn Bowen submitted a proposal for a Speak Up grant and he was successful.  This grant will provide $1,000.00 to reinvigorate our Peace Garden.  The proposal included creating more seating for the garden thereby increasing its use by classes.  As well, the grant has allowed us to gravel all the garden paths which is a wonderful improvement.

Our thanks go out to R. Brown Construction of Little Britain for consultation on materials, as well as delivery and positioning of armour stone and gravel.  R. Brown has consistently and generously supported the Gardening Club and we are thankful for that.

Thanks also go to Mr. and Mrs. Bowen for their support of the Peace Garden. They have delivered and positioned truckloads of rock to delineate our paths, as well as assisting to distribute yards of gravel!  We have more additions to the Peace Garden planned so please drop in and enjoy!  DGH students understand the importance of every garden, be it vegetable or flowers, and that our Peace Garden is a place to be cared for and treated with respect.

(Of course, thanks need to go to Ms. Jewell for her support and efforts in the Peace Garden.  Ms. Jewell is the staff member who organizes and supervises the Gardening Club and keeps it “growing” (sorry – that’s the best gardening humour I could come up with!).)

gardening club 2

DGH Racing Against Drugs Poster Winners!

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As part of the Racing Against Drugs programme (which our grade 7 and 8 students attended yesterday), participating students were encouraged to create and submit hand drawn and computer generated posters.  Ms. Graham’s class clearly took this contest seriously – as most of the winners for the CKL area came from her class!


Hand Drawn Posters

1st Place – Ayla T

5th Place – Rheanna C


Computer Generated Posters

1st Place – Nathan R

2nd Place – William P

3rd Place – Sydney G


Congratulations, Ms. Graham’s class for your great participation level!  Further congratulations to the students above for your accomplishments!


Way to go, Huskies!

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