Medieval Times – May 7th – Mrs. Karklins’ and Ms. Alexander’s classes

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The Grade 4’s in Mrs. Karklins’s and Mrs. Alexander’s classes will be attending a tournament and feast at Medieval Times on May 7th.  This interactive learning event supports the Grade 4 Social Studies curriculum on  “Early Societies.”  Students will have a chance to experience life in the Middle Ages, as well partake in a grand feast and attend a realistic jousting tournament.  Let’s be honest – the other reason students love this trip is because they get to eat with their fingers (if they wish!).


This is ALWAYS a popular school trip!  The opportunity to cheer on your knight never disappoints.

Good luck, Sr Girls and Boys DGH B-Ball Teams!

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Good luck to both our Senior Girls and our Senior Boys DGH basketball teams.  Both teams will be competing at the Zone Basketball Tournaments on Wednesday, April 8th.


The girls play from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m..  The boys play from 12:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m..


DGH hosts the tournaments and teams from Leslie Frost, Mariposa and Central will be competing, as well.  Thank you to Ms. Graham who will be convening both tournaments (she is a busy lady!).  Thank you to Mr. Hetherington who coaches the Senior Girls team.  Thank you to Ms. MacEachern who coaches the Senior Boys team.


We know that both of our teams will be excellent ambassadors for our school.  While DGH hopes you are successful, we care far more about the sportsmanship and citizenship we know you will demonstrate!


The Skipping Team

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Our Skipping Team has been hard at work for more than a month already!  Ms. Burns and Ms. McColl have been hard at work with tryouts and team selection.  But the members of the Skipping Team have been working even harder!  Many, many recesses and nutritional breaks have already been given up to tryouts and practices and the enthusiasm by those trying out is obvious.  It is always a sure sign of commitment and interest when you see students who are trying out for the team carrying around skipping ropes all over the place and wanting to practice during indoor recesses.  With the weather a bit warmer now, we are even seeing our skippers practising outside during recess.


As mentioned in March’s Principal’s Message, I knew that DGH had a strong skipping team, but I did not know that they were this passionate!  Coaches and team members alike are intense about this sport!


When our new banners go up in the summer, DGH community members will notice a Skipping Banner with lots championships on it!


The board-wide Skipping Competition takes place in mid-May – which gives you an idea of how hard and long the team has already been practising.


Thanks for the effort shown thus far by skippers and coaches alike!

Got PINK – Wear it on Wednesday, April 8th

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DGH – we need to keep our SCHOOL SPIRIT GOING!  You did an OUTSTANDING job wearing blue for World Autism Awareness Day last week!  We need you to do the same for the International Day of Pink this Wednesday, April 8th.  We are asking that you wear PINK on Wednesday.


Why PINK?  To demonstrate your support for people who are being bullied.  There are many different ways in which student and people are bullied and we have probably ALL seen bullying happen (if not being bullied yourself).


So, DGH find something pink to wear this Wednesday.  Mr. Parish already has his pink shirt picked out!

Good Luck, Junior Basketball Team on April 7th

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Our Junior Basketball team will be representing Dr. George Hall on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 7th in the Zone Basketball Tournament.  The Huskies will be competing against teams from Mariposa and Leslie Frost.  The top 2 teams will continue onto the County Tournament which is being held on Thursday, April 16th.


The Junior team has been working hard with Ms. Carruth who hopes to keep the Huskies success going!  Regardless of the result, Junior Huskies, you will be excellent ambassadors for our school.  While we like to win, we value sportsmanship and effort above all else!

Cardboard Boat Races

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Mr. Hetherington will be taking 4 grade 8 students to TLDSB Cardboard Boat Race competition on Tuesday, April 13th.  As our school’s resident “Science-guy,” Mr. Hetherington is excited to again compete in this year’s event!  The event is sponsored by OYAP – the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programme.


In this competition, our students will need to work together to design and build (using only cardboard and a few other basic materials) a cardboard boat which is capable of carrying team members across the length of the pool.  Sound easy?  You try it!  Of course, just building the boat is only PART of the competition.  The DGH team will be trying to build a boat that is faster than the other schools’ boats!


The event is a blast each year!  The students attending this year will be sure to enjoy themselves!  Thank you to Mr. Hetherington for organizing.  I am sure that our DGH students will do “swimmingly!”


Want to find out more?  Check out the OYAP website link below:

April’s Principal’s Message

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The warm(er) weather has finally arrived!  When we left for the March Break temperatures had finally hovered around zero (or a bit above).  Returning from the March Break brought temperatures that were several degrees above zero.  As I put on the finishing touches for this message the temperature is projected to it +14°C today.  We are excited to say the least!  March felt like it flew by!  Aside from the March Break, the number of activities taking place at the school contributed to the speed with which the month passed.


Our grade 8s enjoyed both their tubing/cross-country skiing and electives day in the week before March Break, the 6s participated in the Yearley Trip at the beginning of March, the grade 6s, 7s and 8s undertook their Elmira Chicken Fundraiser, not to mention the number of students involved in skipping and basketball.  The always popular Battle of the Books school level competition took place prior to the March Break with the winning DGH Junior and Intermediate teams being chosen.


April promises to be as busy, or busier, than March!  As the end of the year approaches the number of activities and events happening will only increase.  Hold onto your hats because the next 3 months are going to be a blur!


Things to take place in April include:


  • Dance-A-Thon and Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising has begun and continues for much of April!  JK to Grade 5 students will be participating in a Dance-A-Thon on May 1st in the 1st Block and Grades 6 to 8 students (who fundraise) will participate in activities in the 2nd or 3rd Block (with the activities dependent on the number of students participating)


  • Grade 8 grad photos took place on April 1st (and, no, this is NOT a joke!)


  • we are asking STUDENTS AND STAFF TO WEAR BLUE on April 2nd in recognition of World Autism Day.  Why not replace one (or more) of your outdoor lights with a blue lightbulb to show your support?


  • Easter Holidays are on Friday, April 3rd and Monday, April 6th.  For those who like chocolate, we hope that the Easter Bunny visits


  • International Day of Pink is on Wednesday, April 8th.  It is to show support against all forms of bullying.


  • the Skipping team will be continuing their high-intensity practices.  Skipping, along with Cross-Country and Track and Field, has the largest number of students on the team.  The County Skipping Competition does not happen until April


  • the Basketball teams will also be continuing their practices in preparation for the Zone and County tournaments in April.


  • Junior Zone Basketball is on the afternoon of the April 7th


  • Senior Girls and Senior Boys Zone Basketball is on April 8th (a.m. and p.m. respectively)


  • Junior and Senior teams County Basketball is on April 16th (all-day for all teams)


  • Primary Basketball (Zone and County) is April 21st (all day)


  • Mr. Hetherington takes the Robotics Team to the board-wide competition on April 13th.  Mr. Hetherington is VERY into this competition!


  • 2 DGH grade 7 students will be attending the Northern Lights Leadership meeting April 22nd and 23rd


  • Ms. Chidley will be taking a group of students to the Earth Summit on April 22nd

All in all, the many things happening at Dr. George Hall PS are a reflection of student and staff involvement (with the support of parents and guardians always being critical!).

International Day of Pink – April 8th

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The International Day of Pink is a Canadian anti-bullying event held annually on the second Wednesday of April. The day started when David Shepherd and Travis Price saw a student being bullied in their Central Kings Rural High School in Nova Scotia and supported the student by getting everyone at school to wear pink in support of him.

Four of our Grade 8 students were trained last year by the Me to We group.  They participated in four workshops throughout the year.

This year, the Stand Up crew (Carter C., Calista V., Charlie H., Sam S.) is visiting K-3 classes for a 30-40 minute workshop to help educate the students on how to stand up to bullies.  During the workshop the Stand Up crew show a video and conduct a follow-up activity.  With the younger grades, they are creating flowers which depict a non-bullying environment.  These flowers will be put on the tree at the front of the library.  Grade 3s will also watch a video; their follow-up activity is called Sticks and Stones. By having students wrinkle up a paper heart, it illustrates that words leave wounds.

Thank you to Ms. Read and the Stand Up crew for organizing this day.

Ms. DeGroote’s April Nutrition News

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Thank you to all who donated to Breakfast Club. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

March was a busy month for Breakfast Club. There were contests, fruit kabobs to sell, winning prizes to prepare. Hopefully staff and students enjoyed these activities.

In the Breakfast Recipe contest, I was seeking new recipes that could be used in the mornings. There were many recipes for smoothies, banana granola pops and fruit parfaits. I tried to choose recipes that were unique and possible for my breakfast helpers to make.

Kalvin Smith, in Mrs. Schiegelow’s class, created a Ham Spread Cracker Sandwich. It is truly yummy. Just ask his fellow classmates. They had a chance to taste his creation on March 26.

On the same day, the students in Mrs. Alexander’s class were treated to Fruit Crowns. This winning recipe was submitted by Faith Martin. All her classmates will admit Faith’s breakfast recipe was delicious!

Having the only submission, Landyn Bowen won by acclamation in the Intermediate division. He entered two recipes. Landyn’s Oatmeal recipe was the winner. Plans are underway to serve this breakfast in the near future.

Students look forward to the Nutrition Trivia Contest to test their knowledge about nutrition. They had a chance to take part in this contest this past week. The class in each division with the most correct answers were declared winners. These winners are:

Primary                                   Mrs. Adams

Junior                                     Miss McColl

Intermediate                         Miss Graham

These classes will receive a healthy snack in the upcoming weeks.

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to all those who participated.

Mrs. DeGroote

Got Blue – Wear It Tomorrow, DGH!

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Do not forget that tomorrow is World Autism Day.  We are asking that everyone wear something blue to raise recognition of autism world-wide.


I am already getting ready to break-out my favourite blue shirt and tie!


DGH – show your school spirit!

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