May The Fourth – DGH – The Challenge is Out There Students and Staff!

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One of the best days of the year, if you are Mr. Parish, is just around the corner: May 4th – also known as MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!


If you are a Star Wars fan (or, even if you are not), you likely have made the connection between “May the Fourth” and “May the Force” Be With You.


Here is the challenge, DGH School Community.  If you have a Star Wars shirt or some kind of Star Wars paraphernalia that you can wear – then May 4th is the day to do it!  DGH students have done an AMAZING job thus far this year in dressing for spirit days – so Mr. Parish is hoping that he will be seeing lots of Star Wars items on May 4th.


Mr. Parish has his Star Wars shirt picked out already!


If you are bringing something Star Wars related to school, please make sure that your parents are okay with it (we do not want someone’s favourite or collector’s item shirt coming to school and getting damage!).


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