DGH’s Robotics Team Competes on Friday, May 8th

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DGH’s Robotics Team will be travelling to the board-wide competition on Friday, May 8th.  For the past couple of months, grade 7 and 8 students have been, periodically, working on their robots with Mr. Hetherington.  5 students will be attending the board competition.  Frankly, it is extremely cool and interesting watching students groups working with their robots.  There is a great deal of engagement involved for these students!


Mr. Hetherington has put together a number of Lego Robotics Kits which allows students to work in groups on their group’s robots.  Mr. Hetherington has enough kits now that a class can be divided into groups of 3 or 4 students, with each group having their own robot to programme.


Groups get to determine the programme that they wish their robot to perform.  For example, popular programmes include having the robot travel around a race track (either staying within a set or lines or travelling on a line) or operating in a “box” with 3 walls where the robot has to touch each of the walls and then exit the box.


There is a great deal of problem-solving and creativity involved in programming the robots.  As is often the case with technology, the robots do not always do exactly what they are supposed to!  Students then have to go back into the computer and fix the programming or alter the design of the robot itself.  Having watched more than a few students working on their robots, I can tell you that a great deal of work goes into making robots follow the routine!