Write to Give – DGH Primary Division Success!

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Big news for Dr. George Hall’s grade 1 to 3 classes!  Each of these classes participated in the Write to Give program this year – which involved each class contributing part of a book (e.g., one class worked on the problem, while another class worked on the resolution).  All of the classes’ individual parts, when put together, created the finished book!


The big news is that…THE BOOK DGH’S PRIMARY CLASSES WROTE IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED BY SCHOLASTIC!  This means the book will be professionally published (like a book you would buy from a bookstore) and will be marketed and sold like any other published book.  This is a HUGE accomplishment!  After all, the DGH book was judged against books written by many other schools and students.


The news was shared with Ms. Kirkpatrick’s, Ms. Marsh’s & Ms. Britton’s, Ms. Anderson’s, Ms. Adams’ and Ms. Schmiegelow’s classes today.  The kids were excited…but I do not think they quite realize what a big deal this is yet!  As the school gets more information, we will send it out to the school community.


Great job, DGH students and staff!