Great Job, Stand Up Team!

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This is a belated, but very deserved post for the Stand Up team and the DGH school for community for its OUTSTANDING support of the International Day of Pink last Thursday.


The International Day of Pink is all about encouraging students to stand up to bullying in all forms.  Students and staff were asked to wear pink for a visual sign of support.  DGH – YOU WERE AMAZING!  We did not pull the school together for a group photo as we did for the Autism Awareness photo with so many of us in blue – only because we had a  Zone Basketball tournament taking place at the school (and a few other things, too!).  I would say that around 75% of students wore pink, including a LARGE number of guys.  In fact, the amount of pink that some students wore, quite frankly, was SPECTACULAR!  Madison in Mrs. Karklin’s class may well have won the “most pink award!”  We were incredibly proud of the number of guys wearing pink who were comfortable and confident enough to wear this colour!


The Stand Up team went into primary classrooms and taught students about the reason for the day.  Some of the work that was done is displayed in the photo attached to this post.


Thanks to the Stand Up team and Ms. Read for organizing the day.  Thanks to the DGH school community for its support!  2 great Spirit Days in a week with huge school support!


Let’s keep it going, Huskies!