The Skipping Team

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Our Skipping Team has been hard at work for more than a month already!  Ms. Burns and Ms. McColl have been hard at work with tryouts and team selection.  But the members of the Skipping Team have been working even harder!  Many, many recesses and nutritional breaks have already been given up to tryouts and practices and the enthusiasm by those trying out is obvious.  It is always a sure sign of commitment and interest when you see students who are trying out for the team carrying around skipping ropes all over the place and wanting to practice during indoor recesses.  With the weather a bit warmer now, we are even seeing our skippers practising outside during recess.


As mentioned in March’s Principal’s Message, I knew that DGH had a strong skipping team, but I did not know that they were this passionate!  Coaches and team members alike are intense about this sport!


When our new banners go up in the summer, DGH community members will notice a Skipping Banner with lots championships on it!


The board-wide Skipping Competition takes place in mid-May – which gives you an idea of how hard and long the team has already been practising.


Thanks for the effort shown thus far by skippers and coaches alike!