Cardboard Boat Races

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Mr. Hetherington will be taking 4 grade 8 students to TLDSB Cardboard Boat Race competition on Tuesday, April 13th.  As our school’s resident “Science-guy,” Mr. Hetherington is excited to again compete in this year’s event!  The event is sponsored by OYAP – the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programme.


In this competition, our students will need to work together to design and build (using only cardboard and a few other basic materials) a cardboard boat which is capable of carrying team members across the length of the pool.  Sound easy?  You try it!  Of course, just building the boat is only PART of the competition.  The DGH team will be trying to build a boat that is faster than the other schools’ boats!


The event is a blast each year!  The students attending this year will be sure to enjoy themselves!  Thank you to Mr. Hetherington for organizing.  I am sure that our DGH students will do “swimmingly!”


Want to find out more?  Check out the OYAP website link below: