Ms. DeGroote’s April Nutrition News

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Thank you to all who donated to Breakfast Club. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

March was a busy month for Breakfast Club. There were contests, fruit kabobs to sell, winning prizes to prepare. Hopefully staff and students enjoyed these activities.

In the Breakfast Recipe contest, I was seeking new recipes that could be used in the mornings. There were many recipes for smoothies, banana granola pops and fruit parfaits. I tried to choose recipes that were unique and possible for my breakfast helpers to make.

Kalvin Smith, in Mrs. Schiegelow’s class, created a Ham Spread Cracker Sandwich. It is truly yummy. Just ask his fellow classmates. They had a chance to taste his creation on March 26.

On the same day, the students in Mrs. Alexander’s class were treated to Fruit Crowns. This winning recipe was submitted by Faith Martin. All her classmates will admit Faith’s breakfast recipe was delicious!

Having the only submission, Landyn Bowen won by acclamation in the Intermediate division. He entered two recipes. Landyn’s Oatmeal recipe was the winner. Plans are underway to serve this breakfast in the near future.

Students look forward to the Nutrition Trivia Contest to test their knowledge about nutrition. They had a chance to take part in this contest this past week. The class in each division with the most correct answers were declared winners. These winners are:

Primary                                   Mrs. Adams

Junior                                     Miss McColl

Intermediate                         Miss Graham

These classes will receive a healthy snack in the upcoming weeks.

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to all those who participated.

Mrs. DeGroote