International Day of Pink – April 8th

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The International Day of Pink is a Canadian anti-bullying event held annually on the second Wednesday of April. The day started when David Shepherd and Travis Price saw a student being bullied in their Central Kings Rural High School in Nova Scotia and supported the student by getting everyone at school to wear pink in support of him.

Four of our Grade 8 students were trained last year by the Me to We group.  They participated in four workshops throughout the year.

This year, the Stand Up crew (Carter C., Calista V., Charlie H., Sam S.) is visiting K-3 classes for a 30-40 minute workshop to help educate the students on how to stand up to bullies.  During the workshop the Stand Up crew show a video and conduct a follow-up activity.  With the younger grades, they are creating flowers which depict a non-bullying environment.  These flowers will be put on the tree at the front of the library.  Grade 3s will also watch a video; their follow-up activity is called Sticks and Stones. By having students wrinkle up a paper heart, it illustrates that words leave wounds.

Thank you to Ms. Read and the Stand Up crew for organizing this day.