Jump Rope for Heart Tomorrow!

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One of the great days of the year happens tomorrow: Jump Rope for Heart!  Ms. McColl has active and fun events planned!


Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes, please.


Primary students participate in the 1st Block.


Participating students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will be involved in the 2nd Block.


It will be an outstanding even!

Welcome to Kindergarten – May 7th

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One of our school’s most important days of the year is coming up on Thursday, May 7th: Welcome to Kindergarten!


On DGH’s Welcome to Kindergarten day, next year’s JKs and their parents will have the opportunity to visit the school in the 1st Block.  They will visit our JK/SK classrooms, meet the Kindergarten and school staff and also the Parent Council Co-Chairs.


This is a HUGE step for both parents and our future JK students, alike.  For parents who have a child going to school for the first time there is likely a great deal of nervousness and this is an opportunity for the school to answer questions and give a sense of what a typical Kindergarten day will look like.


If you have not registered your JK student with the school, please do so as soon as possible.  If you know someone who should have registered their JK student at the school (and has not done so), please encourage them to do so soon.  Having accurate Kindergarten numbers helps in our school planning.


We are looking forward to meeting next year’s students!

DGH Spirit Day – Twins Day on Friday!

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DGH – our next Spirit Day Challenge is this Friday (May 1st).  It is TWINS DAY!  The challenge is to find someone in the school who is willing to dress the same as you!


Wear the same shirt to school…do your hair the same…pick out the same glasses….maybe wear the same shoes…the possibilities are endless!


Oh, we admit it – this challenge is a bit more difficult than some of our previous Spirit Days.  DGH, we know you can do it!



DGH’s Robotics Team Competes on Friday, May 8th

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DGH’s Robotics Team will be travelling to the board-wide competition on Friday, May 8th.  For the past couple of months, grade 7 and 8 students have been, periodically, working on their robots with Mr. Hetherington.  5 students will be attending the board competition.  Frankly, it is extremely cool and interesting watching students groups working with their robots.  There is a great deal of engagement involved for these students!


Mr. Hetherington has put together a number of Lego Robotics Kits which allows students to work in groups on their group’s robots.  Mr. Hetherington has enough kits now that a class can be divided into groups of 3 or 4 students, with each group having their own robot to programme.


Groups get to determine the programme that they wish their robot to perform.  For example, popular programmes include having the robot travel around a race track (either staying within a set or lines or travelling on a line) or operating in a “box” with 3 walls where the robot has to touch each of the walls and then exit the box.


There is a great deal of problem-solving and creativity involved in programming the robots.  As is often the case with technology, the robots do not always do exactly what they are supposed to!  Students then have to go back into the computer and fix the programming or alter the design of the robot itself.  Having watched more than a few students working on their robots, I can tell you that a great deal of work goes into making robots follow the routine!

May The Fourth – DGH – The Challenge is Out There Students and Staff!

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One of the best days of the year, if you are Mr. Parish, is just around the corner: May 4th – also known as MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!


If you are a Star Wars fan (or, even if you are not), you likely have made the connection between “May the Fourth” and “May the Force” Be With You.


Here is the challenge, DGH School Community.  If you have a Star Wars shirt or some kind of Star Wars paraphernalia that you can wear – then May 4th is the day to do it!  DGH students have done an AMAZING job thus far this year in dressing for spirit days – so Mr. Parish is hoping that he will be seeing lots of Star Wars items on May 4th.


Mr. Parish has his Star Wars shirt picked out already!


If you are bringing something Star Wars related to school, please make sure that your parents are okay with it (we do not want someone’s favourite or collector’s item shirt coming to school and getting damage!).


Do, or do not.  There is no try.  ~ Yoda

National Day of Mourning for Injured or Killed Workers While On the Job

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You will notice that Dr. George Hall’s flag is at half mast today.  We are recognizing the National Day of Mourning for Workers Killed or Injured while working.


The Ontario Ministry of Labour’s website notes that:


Every year on April 28 we pay our respects to, and remember, the thousands of workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illness as a result of work-related incidents.

We also honour the many families and friends who have been deeply affected by these tragedies.

Every worker has the right to return home safe and sound at the end of each work day.

By working together – with employers, workers and our health and safety partners – we can prevent worker injuries and deaths before they occur.



Jump Rope for Heart is this Friday

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DGH school community – one of the great days of the year is coming up this Friday: Jump Rope for Heart!


Primary students will be participating during the 1st Block.


Junior and Intermediate students (who are participating) will be participating during the 2nd Block.


Thank you for all of the students and families who have raised money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Every cent truly counts in battling these terrible diseases.


Our students are going to have a fabulous day on Friday!  Be sure to send clothes and shoes appropriate for physical activity!

Jump Rope for Heart Envelopes and $ Due…TODAY!

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Do not forget, DGH school community, that all Jump Rope for Heart Pledge Envelopes and $ are due tomorrow!


Ms. McColl tells me that DGH “rocks the house” when it comes to Jump Rope for Heart days – so I am looking forward to May 1st when our day happens!

Jump Rope for Heart Envelopes and $ Due This Friday

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DGH school community, please do not forget that Jump Rope for Heart Pledge Envelopes and $ are due into the school on Friday, April 27th.  Ms. McColl has been busy organizing activities for Friday, May 1st (our Jump Rope Day).  This is ALWAYS a great day!  Ms. Starr and Ms. Taylor (our school’s secretaries, extraordinaire) promise to leave the high heels at home and bring their running shoes to participate!


All the money raised goes directly to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  This money helps fund research into strokes and heart attacks.


Earth Summit Tomorrow for 5 DGH Students

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5 DGH students, along with Ms. Chidley, will be heading to the TLDSB’s all Earth Summit on Wednesday, April 22nd.  The 5 students attending are a part of Ms. Chidley’s “Planet Pals” group who are dedicated to helping out the environment and spreading the environmental message at DGH.


The Earth Summit is all about spreading the environmental message and encouraging students such as these to keep up their great work!  Our students will get the chance to network with like-minded students from other TLDSB schools.


Thanks to these students and Ms. Chidley for attending!

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