Zone Basketball Tournaments

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Our Junior and Senior Basketball teams are in final preparations for their upcoming Zone Basketball Tournaments.  Tournament dates are:

Junior Zone Basketball                   –              Tuesday, April 7th in the p.m. at Mariposa

Senior Girls Zone Basketball        –              Wednesday, April 8th in the a.m. at DGH

Senior Girls Zone Basketball        –              Wednesday, April 8th in the p.m. at DGH

Primary County Basketball           –              Tuesday, April 21st (all day) at Mariposa

Thank you to the students who have committed to these teams and to the school staff who have taken on coaching responsibilities.  The commitment to being on any sports team is significant; one of the added dimensions in basketball is the physically grueling nature of the sport.  Running at top speed for most of a game is no easy thing (especially in a larger gym like ours!).  Only through attendance at practice and accepting the conditioning that comes through this can you prepare yourself for the Zone and County tournaments.

While we know that all of our teams will do well, we will be proud of your accomplishments regardless of placement.  The desire to win is always important; sportsmanship and being good ambassadors for Dr. George Hall Public School are even more important.