Write To Give

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Did you know that students in grades 1 to 3 are involved in a “Write To Give” writing project?  For the second year in a row, Ms. Kirkpatrick has organized the Write to Give project for students.


What is this about?  In the Write to Give project, each class creates its own book.  The book has a theme (or message) decided upon by the class.   Each student in the class contributes to the book.  The book is then printed and bound (it looks exactly like a book that you would purchase from a store).  Each student receives their own copy of the book.  Each student also has their name (as a contributor to the book) at the front of the book.  The book that each class creates is then entered into a competition in which the top books are chosen to be advertised, printed and sold (online and in bookstores!).


Aside from how cool the above is, Write To Give is a wonderful activity because the profits raised by the sale of these books is used to _____________________________.  Through the act of creating and writing these books, DGH students are helping others around the world.


DGH school community, there is NOTHING more authentic than this as a writing task!  In today’s educational world we are striving more and more to provide academic tasks that are more authentic or “real-life” like.  Each student contributing to a book that her/his class creates is pretty much as authentic as you can get!


Special thanks go to Ms. Kirkpatrick who originally learned of this project and got it up and running at DGH last year.  She again took the lead in keeping the project going this year.  Thanks also go to the other staff involved, who enthusiastically embraced the project.  Your enthusiasm has certainly transferred into our students, as well!