Mr. Hetherington’s Robotics!

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Many members of the DGH community know that Mr. Hetherington loves sports.  But, did you know that Mr. Hetherington also loves Science!  One of his interests in the past few years has especially been Lego Robotics.

The school has a number of Lego Robotics Kits and each year DGH sends a Robotics team to compete at a board-wide event.  In preparation for the event, Mr. Hetherington has the intermediate classes working in small groups on building their own robots.  Everyone completes the same initial robot as a “warm-up” and to learn the basics of building and then programming the robot.  Small motors are included in the kids and students are expected to build a robot which does some kind of action or activity.  These actions included travelling in a pre-determined path or scooping up items that have been placed in front of it.  Really, the sky is the limit as the robots can be programmed to do many different things.  In order for the robot to do these things it has to be programmed on the computer – with the program then being downloaded into the robot.  For our hands-on students this type of activity is extremely engaging and perhaps may lead to a future job.

On April 13th, Mr. Hetherington will be taking a team of 4 students to compete at the board-wide competition.

The pics below show grade 8 students in the process of building their groups’ robots.

robot 2 robot 3 robot 4 robot 5 robot 6 robot 7 robot 8