National Gallery of Canada Distance Learning Program – Mrs. Karklins’ Class

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Mrs. Karklins’s grade 4 class will be participating in a Long Distance Learning program with The National Gallery of Canada on April 8th.  It is a program offered for elementary and high school students free of charge.  The interactive program delivers, via webinar, a range of artworks for viewing, as well as exploring curriculum-linked themes.  Our program theme will focus on Spaces and Places.  How does the setting add to the story?  Mrs. Karklins’ class will be exploring different environments in artworks, from interiors to landscapes.

This is a great example of how technology is changing the face of learning.  Even 15 years ago the only way to access works of art at the National Gallery was either through a visit or through a book.  Today, our students will experience the National Gallery in a far more interesting and easier way!