Write to Give – Mrs. Karklins’ Class

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The Write to Give Program is dedicated to empowering young children in their reading and writing skills and at the same time giving back to students and teachers in Developing Nations.  Students get a chance to work with other students by contributing to a published fiction or non-fiction text.  Mrs. Karklins’ class was selected to be a part of Book #9 on Fairness.  The beginning of the book was assigned to Nelson Mandela P.S. school in Brampton, Ontario. They developed the beginning of the book, introducing exciting characters such as Prince Jack and Princess Amani.  Once their introduction to the story was done it was passed along to our class.  Our challenge was to come up with a problem for the main characters.  By introducing a few new characters (Goby the Troll, Rozottio the White Knight and Unfair Queen) the story came to life with high adventure and drama.  Once we submitted our part, the story went on to a school in the Grand Cayman Islands for the writing of the solution and ending.  The illustrations will be done by yet another participating school somewhere in the world!  Along with the fun of being part of an international writing and storytelling initiative, we also get a chance to learn about Africa and our participating schools.  Our published book is available for purchase in advance for the low price of $15.00.  Students in participating classes will be named as co-authors in the final published book and will also be offered on Amazon.com.!  All proceeds from the sale of our book will go towards supporting students and teachers in Kenya through the World Teachers Aid Program.