Send A Change of Clothing to School, Please!

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Parents and guardians of students at DGH, please send a change of clothing with your son or daughter on Monday as we return to school after the March Break.

Our yard is extremely wet and muddy (thank goodness the snow has finally melted for the most part!) and it is inevitable that at least one (but probably several) student will fall or slip into the water and mud each day.  Having a spare set of clothing at the school eliminates the need for the school to call a parent to bring in clean clothes.  Simply put a spare set of clothes into a grocery bag (or any kind of bag, really) and place it in the bottom of your child’s backpack.

At what grade should you stop doing this?  There is NO perfect answer to that question!  However, it is not a bad idea for students as old as grades 5 and 6.

It really is not any fun sitting around in wet clothing all day (which is what happens if we are unable to contact a parent)!