DGH in the News! Write To Give!

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DGH school community – you can check out our primary classes in the news!  Check out the link below in order to read the article in Kawartha Lakes This Week.


Write To Give is a project in which students from a number of schools contribute to the creation of a book.  For example, one class might write the introduction, another class might develop the problem, another class might write the conclusion and a final class might create the illustrations.  Students are truly authors in Write To Give and they contribute to what will become a finished book.  Students even have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the book in which they contributed.

Each year, Scholastic chooses several books (out of the many created) to publish and sell on a large-scale, with the profits raised through this used to build schools, provide school resources and support for breakfast programs in Africa.  This is truly an activity in which student involvement has an incredibly world-wide impact.

Be sure to check out the link above!