February’s Principal’s Message

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This February felt like the coldest that we have had in a long, long time!  It may have also been the longest string of indoor recesses that I have had in almost 18 years of working in schools!  Staff and student alike were going a little stir crazy due to the number of indoor recesses.  When we finally made it outside there were some AWFULLY large smiles on the faces of our students.

February was a busy month at DGH!

Primary Volleyball – the Primary Volleyball team competed in the first week of February.  The DGH team did well – making it to the semi-finals.  Ms. Arscott reported that the team worked extremely hard, worked well together and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship.  Ms. Arscott could not have been more proud of the team’s efforts!

Speeches – class level and school level speeches were a tremendous success.  Each junior and intermediate class sent either 2 or 3 students to compete at the school level speeches in the gym on Tuesday, February 24th.  Speakers presented in front of approximately 250 people, as DGH had our junior and intermediate speech givers go during the same block this year.

Simply getting to the school level competition is an accomplishment.  However, Gavin G and Caitlyn O did an especially outstanding job and were our 2 junior students who moved onto the Woodville Legion’s Competition.  Mackenzie W and Amanda C moved onto the Woodville Legion competition for the intermediate level.  The Woodville Legion Competition took place on Wednesday, March 7th.  While none of our DGH speakers will be moving beyond the Woodville competition, Gavin did place 2nd and Amanda placed 3rd in their respective divisions.  That is an impressive accomplishment given the talent level at this competition!   Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you to Reverend Denise Boyd and Mr. Adams (Mrs. Adams’ husband) for judging speeches at DGH.

Skipping – I was forewarned that skipping is a BIG deal at DGH!   This is definitely a warning to be heeded!  The Skipping Team has already been hard at work the past month and shows no sign of letting up in March.

It is great to see so many students involved!  Having the athletic ability to skip competitively is impressive enough.  What makes skipping all the better is that it helps make students even better in other sports, too.  The physical conditioning aspect is outstanding, it improves “footwork” (critical in most other sports) and the perseverance required to be good at skipping is needed in all other sports.  Given the number of indoor recesses we had in February, I appreciated the number of students actively involved in the skipping club at recesses!

Thank you, Ms. Burns and Ms. McColl, for coaching the Skipping Team.  There seem to be many, many Skipping practices!

Basketball – the basketball teams have been chosen and they have been hard at work in February with regular practices.  Ms. Carruth has taken on the Primary and Junior Basketball teams, Mr. Hetherington has taken on the Senior Girls Basketball team and Ms. MacEachern has taken on the Senior Boys Basketball team.

For those that tried out for the basketball teams – thank you!  The competition was tough, as the number of players on a basketball team is small.  For those that made the basketball teams – congratulations and thank you.  Your commitment level is high as basketball practices are tough!  There is no escaping the high level of conditioning required and the focus needed to learn the strategies and plays of basketball.

March Events

As the end of the school year begins to loom ever closer (as scary as that sounds!), the number of activities in the school seems to ramp up!

Intermediate Tubing/Cross-Country Skiing and Electives Day – now that the weather has hit relatively balmy temperatures (i.e., not -30 with the wind chill!), the Intermediates are finally able to have their postponed activities.  The Horseshoe Valley Tubing and Cross-Country Skiing trip was twice postponed due to the cold weather, but will take place on Tuesday, March 10th.  It looks to be an outstanding day!  Thanks, Mrs. Read, for your awesome organizing.  The Intermediates will also enjoy an Electives Day on Friday, March 13th.  Students can choose from a variety of activities (e.g., bowling, cooking, floor hockey, and rock climbing) and the day is always a hit.  Thank you, Ms. Graham, for organizing this day.

March Break – a sure sign that Spring is around the corner is the March Break.  March Break begins on Monday, March 16th and continues through to Friday, March 20th.  Students return to school on Monday, March 23rd.

Easter Holidays – Good Friday is on Friday, April 3rd and Easter Monday on Monday, April 6th.  Both days are holidays, so students will enjoy an extra-long, long weekend.

Basketball Zone and County Tournaments – all of the basketball teams will continue their regular practices.  Zone and County tournaments take place in April:

Junior Zone Basketball                 –              Tuesday, April 7th in the p.m. at Mariposa

Senior Girls Zone Basketball        –              Wednesday, April 8th in the a.m. at DGH

Senior Boys Zone Basketball        –              Wednesday, April 8th in the p.m. at DGH

Primary County Basketball           –              Tuesday, April 21st (all day) at Mariposa

Note: Junior, Senior Girls and Boys County Basketball Tournaments take place on Thursday, April 16th.  There is only one Primary Basketball Tournament (the Zone and County Tournaments are “wrapped up” in one event because not every school has a Primary team).

Kindergarten Sugar Bush Trip – takes place on Wednesday, March 25th.  Students in both Kindergarten classes (and hopefully staff members, too!) will be putting on snow boots or rubber boats and heading out to learn about one of Canada’s most beloved traditions: observing the magic of maple sap being turned into maple syrup.

This fits nicely into the Kindergarten curriculum of observing life cycles in nature.  Ms. McGregor’s and Ms. Hadfield’s classes have been reading books on this topic lately and, I am sure, the students will have lots to say about their trip!  Having grown up making many, many gallons of maple syrup, I am happy to see our Kindergarten students getting a “taste” of this tradition.

As you can see, DGH has been a happening place!  Keep up the great work, Huskies!