First Term Report Cards Go Home, Friday, February 20th

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First Term Report Cards – February 20th

Parents and guardians, you can expect your son or daughter’s First Term Report Card to come home on Friday, February 20th.  As you prepare for the report card to come home, there are a few things that you should know.


• The First Term Report Card represents all of the learning that has taken place between September to the present.  The Progress Report is just a “snap shot” of student progress to about mid-November.  The Progress Report is more of a general overview, while the Report Card provides a more precise evaluation.


• Parents and guardians will notice that Learning Skills remain on the front page of the Report Card.  This has been done by the Ontario government for very specific reasons.  Most of us would agree that the Learning Skills demonstrated by students (e.g., responsibility or initiative) are critically important to future success.  These are very much the skills that our students will need as they enter the workforce and to be successful in life.  Learning skills are consistent throughout the province.


• Not every single subject area or strand will be reported on in the First Term.  For example, we generally report on 4 of 5 Math strands and 3 of 4 Arts strands in the First Term.  That being said, depending on the class and the year, it is possible that all of the strands might be reported on.


• Parent-Teacher Interviews are not formally scheduled for this set of Report Cards.  However, should you have questions or concerns you are welcome to contact your child’s homeroom teacher to arrange for an interview.  While the Report Card is fairly lengthy, the reality is that even then only so much can be shared in written form.


First Term Report Cards (like any and all report cards) represent a starting point for conversations regarding your daughter or son.  If you do have questions or concerns it is better for you to have the conversation with your child’s homeroom staff so that everyone “is on the same page.”


Bonhomme Carnaval On Monday and Thursday

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Thank you to Ms. Evans for organizing a Bonhomme Carnaval on Monday, February 9th and Thursday, February 12th during the middle block (11:25-1:05).  Activities at the Bonhomme Carnaval include:
• Building Sculptures
• Soccer
• Winter Relay Races
• Crazy Carpet rides
• Tug of War
• Hot Chocolate Station
• Dancing
• Forest walk

Ms. Graham’s grade 7 and Mr. Hetherington’s grade 8 classes will be running each of the stations at DGH’s Bonhomme Carnaval this year as they are completing this topic as a Core French Unit.


Monday’s activities were a blast for our primary students (Kindergarten to grade 3).  With the blast of snow from this weekend the fields and hills provided ideal conditions for all of the activities.  Mr. Parish walked the “Forest Walk” and helped out at the “Winter Relay Races” and both were great fun.  The hill on our primary yard was perfect for the crazy carpet rides and Ms. Adams made many, many cups of hot chocolate.


The pictures below show some of the fun that was taking place!

carnaval 6 carnaval 5 carnaval 4 carnaval 3 carnaval 1

Family Day Holiday – Monday, February 16th

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Family Day Holiday is February 16th – No School on This Day

A reminder, DGH community, that Monday, February 16th is Ontario’s Family Day.  There is no school that day.  Break out the sleds, toboggans, snowboards, skis, snow shoes, or whatever it is that you like to do outside and enjoy the day!

Good Luck, Primary Volleyball Team!

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DGH’s Primary Volleyball Team Competes at the Zone/County Volleyball Tournament Tomorrow!

Go, Huskies, Go!


The DGH Primary team competes at the Zone/County volleyball tournament tomorrow.  Both the Zone and County tournaments are combined at the Primary age division – so there is only one tournament for this age group.  The Primary team has been hard at work for the past 2 months and Ms. Arscott is proud of their efforts already!  We care less about the wins and losses, Primary team, and more about the commitment you have shown and how well you will represent our school tomorrow.

February’s Principal’s Message

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Our winter weather continued to be a bit unusual, it would seem, in January!  A number of recesses had to be spent indoors due to the cold, while on other days the weather was warm enough to melt much of the snow on our yard.  In the “good old days,” I am pretty sure that a hose would have been taken outside to better ice-up the yard for sliding.  Even without extra water from a hose, our yards were pretty icy places.  Students enjoyed the slippery conditions, though!


January was a busy, but successful month at DGH!  We have summarized events and activities below.


January Happenings


Huskies’ Basketball Teams – our Junior Mixed Team, Senior Boys and Senior Girls teams all competed at the Zone County Tournaments.  Our Junior Team was particularly successful, winning all of its games and continuing onto the County Tournament on January 28th.  The Senior teams ran into tough competition at the Zone Tournaments and neither unfortunately continued on to the County Tournaments.


The Primary team competes at the County Tournament on February 5th (there is currently no Zone Tournament for Primary teams).  Ms. Arscott is looking forward to the tournament!  Her team has been regularly practising and she is proud of their team work already.


Recycling Rangers – visited our primary division in early January.  The Recycling Rangers, as the name implies, are all about encouraging recycling and looking after our environment.


Inspired by the Recycling Rangers, Ms. Schmiegelow’s grade 3 class created recycling posters which have popped up around the school.


Scientists in the School – visited both Ms. Burns’ grade 5/6 class and Ms. McColl’s grade 6 class.  The programme is all about fostering a love of science in students.  Students were involved in hands-on activities that relate directly to the Ontario science curriculum.  The visits are always a hit with students!


Healthy Active Team (HAT) – led by Ms. Hadfield travelled to the northern part of our board to participate in leadership and team building activities.  HAT encourages students to be active at DGH and regularly goes onto the yard at recess and works with younger students, teaching various games and activities.  It is not about competition!  It is about being active and having fun.  The students on HAT are true leaders in the school!


Skipping – has also begun!  Announcements for students interested in the Skipping Team have happened and we have seen students practising on the stage already!  DGH puts forth strong Skipping Teams each year and we are sure that this year will be no different.  Given that the Skipping Competition does not take place until mid-May, you can see how serious DGH is!


Upcoming Events in February


Huskies’ Basketball – the Primary, Junior and Senior teams will soon be starting try-outs and practices.  Zone and County Basketball Tournaments take place in early April.  If you like basketball or just want to keep physically active, then try-out for the team!  Even if you have not tried out before, you never know what basketball skills you might have!


Skipping Practices – will continue throughout February and March.  Skipping is a great way to be extremely physically active and the endurance and coordination required is incredible!  You do not have to be a “perfect” skipper to try-out.  The skills and effort can be taught and if a student is willing to put in the effort they almost always improve tremendously over the course of the practices.


Kids on the Block – puppet presentations were to place for all of our students between JK and grade 6 on February 2nd, but were cancelled because of the snow day.  The presentation is all about encouraging inclusiveness for all members of the school community.  Students always enjoy the puppet-style presentation and it is wonderful for students to hear this positive message from another source.  The presentations have been rebooked to Wednesday, March 4th.


Report Cards – go home on February 20th.  These are the First Term Report Cards and represent all of the learning and work that has taken place between the start of school and early February.


3 Student Teachers – will be at DGH over the course of February.  Staff at DGH are generous in donating their time to take in Student Teachers (we all have to start somwhere!) and we have staff are more than capable of providing the experience and guidance required to be an Associate Teacher.  The extra set of hands in the classroom is always appreciated and even experienced teachers often get a piece of two of learning from the Student Teachers, too.


Grade 7 and 8 Tubing – will take place on February 13th.  This is something of a tradition for the intermediate division.  They will have several outdoor opportunities over the course of February and March and it is something that students look forward to each year.  Thanks to Ms. Read for organizing.





LCVI Information Night – Tomorrow (February 5)

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Grade 8 Parents – Plan To Attend!


Do not forget, grade 8 parents and students, that LCVI’s Information Night takes place tomorrow night.  A letter was sent home in January with additional information and details.


If you would like to learn more about the courses, potential pathways and simply how high school works – then plan to attend this evening!  The LCVI Guidance Department puts a great deal of time into planning the evening and making it worthwhile for both parents and students.  This is just one piece of LCVI’s overall plan to help make your child’s transition to high school a little easier.

Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact either the LCVI office or the DGH office.

Parent Council Meeting Cancelled Tonight (Feb 3)

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the DGH Parent Council Meeting has been cancelled for Tuesday, February 3rd.


The meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, March 11th at 6:00 p.m.


The Council and DGH apologize for the inconvenience and short notice.

Ms. Schmiegelow’s Class’ Recycling Posters

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After the visit early in January by the Recycling Rangers, Ms. Schmiegelow’s class decided to create posters to place around the school.  The goal was not only to encourage recycling, but to encourage PROPER recycling.  What can be recycled?  Which bin should it go into?


Here is a sample of their efforts.  Great job on the posters!  Great job spreading an environmentally friendly message!


poster 1 poster 2 poster 3 poster 4 poster 5 poster 6

Good Luck, Primary Volleyball Team

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The Primary Volleyball Team Participates in County Volleyball Tournament on Thursday, February 5th

All of the hard work and dedication shown by the Primary Volleyball Team is going to pay-off on Thursday, February 5th as the DGH team will be participating at the County Tournament.  Ms. Arscott and our students on the team have been practising for the past couple of months and are ready to play!  Sportsmanship and team play are two of the team’s characteristics of which Ms. Arscott is most proud.


The tournament is being hosted by both Mariposa and Dr. George Hall (the large number of teams participating requires the tournament to held in two schools), with Ms. Graham convening the DGH piece.


Good luck, DGH Primary Volleyball Team.  Do your best and you will make us proud!

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