Lost and Found at DGH!

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Parents, Guardians and Students – there is a large amount of “lost and found” clothing at the school!  The clothing has been emptied from the “lost and found” bin and is now displayed in the front foyer on a number of tables.  As shown in the photo, there are A LOT of sweaters and hoodies.


Each class will be walked past the tables in the next few days in the hope that students will recognize misplaced clothing.  However, if parents and guardians think that their daughter/son has misplaced clothing, you are more than welcome to drop by the school and check out the clothing.  Be sure to start your visit by signing in at the office, please.

Report Cards Go Home Tomorrow

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Check Those Backpacks on Friday Afternoon!

Parents and guardians, do not forget that First Term Report Cards go home tomorrow, Friday, February 20th.  Be sure to open your child’s backpack and look through his/her planner, as the report card will be located somewhere in there!


Do not forget to fill out the student’s comment section and the parents’ comment section, detach these sections and then have your son/daughter return it to the school.

Grade 7 Meningococcal Needle and Grade 8 Girls HPV Needle on Thursday, February 26th

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The needles for our grade 7 students and grade 8 girls that were missed due to a snow day earlier in February, have been rescheduled to Thursday, February 26th.  The local Health Unit organizes this event.


All grade 7 students (whose parents signed the form and students who returned the form) will receive the Meningococcal Needle.


Grade 8 girls (whose parents signed the form and students who returned the form) will receive the HPV Needle.

Report Cards Go Home THIS Friday

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A reminder, parents and guardians, that First Term Report Cards go home this Friday (February 20th).  Do not forget to have your daughter/son complete the section designated for students and for you to complete the “parents'” section and then detach and return these sections to the school.


As has been the practice in past years, Report Cards will NOT be sent home in an envelope.  The Report Card, hopefully, will be in your child’s backpack when they come home (and, hopefully, in their agenda to keep it safe!).



DGH Speeches (School Level Competition is Tuesday, February 24th)

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Speeches are taking place at DGH again this year.  Since this is my first year at DGH, I am looking forward to seeing what speeches look like here (every school is just a little bit different in terms of how they handle it).


Many students have been hard at work for the past few weeks researching their speech, writing it and then memorizing it for his/her presentation.  There are students who LOVE speeches and students who HATE speeches; however, most of us have survived the speech process!  Regardless of your feelings about speeches, the ability to speak and present confidently is a worthwhile skill in life for all of us.  For those students who LOVE speeches, it is an extraordinary thing to see how just how skilled they are at this!  Talking for between 3 and 5 minutes, looking at the audience and using intonation and voice control to engage the audience is no easy thing!  There are students in the junior grades who may well be better presenters than many adults!


The top speakers from each class will move onto the school level competition on Tuesday, February 24th.


The top speakers from each age group will then move onto the Woodville Legion’s competition on Wednesday, March 4th.


Good luck to all of our students who have written speeches and will be presenting!

Welcome Back, Ms. Carruth!

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Dr. George Hall PS welcomes back Ms. Carruth on Tuesday, February 17th.  Ms. Carruth returns from her maternity leave.  She will be moving right back into teaching Core French, along with teaching some primary classes.  While returning to work while you have a young child at home is not easy, she is also looking forward to getting back into the routine of school and re-establishing (form what I hear) her great rapport with students.


At the same time, we thank Ms. Evans for filling in for Ms. Carruth from the beginning of the school year until now.  Ms. Evans did an outstanding job filling in and contributed to DGH by coaching a soccer team, a volleyball team and organizing the Voices choir up until this point of the year.  You will, no doubt, be supply teaching at DGH frequently in the next few months.

Constable Lanning Visits DGH Today

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Constable Lanning of the OPP will be at DGH for most of the day, visiting most of our classes.  Many of our classes will be receiving a presentation from Constable Lanning and she will be reading with our Kindergartners.  Our students always enjoy her visits!

Grade 7 and 8 Horseshoe Valley Trip Rescheduled to Friday, February 27

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Dear Grade 7 and 8 Parents and Guardians:


Due to the colder than usual weather projected for this Friday (February 13th), the planned grade 7 and 8 tubing/cross-country skiing trip to Horseshoe Valley has been rescheduled.  The Intermediate staff wanted to avoid a situation in which students would have to spend a significant portion of the day inside “warming up,” rather than being outside tubing and skiing.  As well, the ski trail is lengthy, so students would not easily be able to get back inside to warm up.


The good news is that Ms. Read was able to rebook the trip for Friday, February 27th

March is Nutrition Month!

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The Dietitians of Canada declared that March is Nutrition Month.  Here at DGH we celebrate it with various activities, such as contests and selling delicious fruit kabobs.

For those of you who would like more information about Nutrition Month, you can go to the www.nutritionmonth.ca website where you will find many helpful resources and recipes.  The theme for this year’s Nutrition Month is Make It Take It.  On the website you will discover what this means.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming activities at DGH.

Mrs. DeGroote

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