Grade 6s to Yearley

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DGH’s grade 6s are off to the Yearley Outdoor Education Centre next week for 1 night and 2 days.  The TLDSB is fortunate to have the Yearley Outdoor Education Centre which gives all grade 6s in our board the opportunity to learn about the outdoors which surround almost every one of our schools.


While at Yearley, students participate in a variety of activities from orienteering to the ever popular “survival game” where students take on the role of various animals in the local ecosystem.  The centre runs year round and activities are somewhat dictated by the season.


The activities are wonderful; however, the experience is just as much about bonding for the grade 6s.  Cooperation and group work is key at Yearley and students often realize the hidden talents of others’.


Let’s hope that the weather keeps warmer (and not like the middle of February!).


Thank you to Ms. McColll for organizing!