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Congratulations to all of our Junior and Intermediate speakers who spoke today at Dr. George Hall’s school level speeches.  Our “outside of the school judges” commented on the talent and ability of this year’s contestants – along with the good behaviour of our audience (which was exceptionally good!).


This year, our Juniors and Intermediates spoke in the same assembly (with Juniors competing against Juniors and Intermediates competing against Intermediates).  The quality of speeches was OUTSTANDING!  We had a mix of serious and humorous speeches on a wide range of topics.  The preparation (researching the topic, writing the speech and memorizing the speech) put in by our presenters must have been significant, to say the least.


Below you will find our top 2 speakers for each division (in no particular order), along with the alternate speaker (if one of the top 2 speakers is unable to speak at the Woodville Legion competition).


Junior Division

Caitlyn O

Gavin G



Faith M


Intermediate Division

Mackenzie W

Amanda C



Samantha L


A list of all of our speakers is below.  On behalf of the school, I would like to thank all of these students.  It is no easy thing to stand up in front of 250 people and do such a wonderful job.


All of DGH’s Speakers


Samantha L (Intermediate)

Erin D (Junior)

Ayla T (Intermediate)

Bodhi M (Junior)

Tara C (Junior)

Gavin G (Junior)

Mackenzie W (Intermediate)

Leo D (Intermediate)

Reese D (Junior)

Ashley F (Junior)

Caitlyn O (Junior)

Amanda C (intermediate)

Faith M (Junior)

Samantha B (Intermediate)

Mitchell K (Intermediate)