School Level Speeches Tomorrow!

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Our top speakers from participating classes will be taking part in the School Level Speeches tomorrow morning.


Key Information for Those Wishing To Watch Our Speeches


1.  Both Junior and Intermediate speakers will be presenting in the First Block.  We are aiming to start no later than 9:15 a.m. and hopefully earlier than that.  Our goal is to be finished by 10:40 a.m..  Speeches will be taking place in the gym.


2.  Speakers will be drawing numbers on Monday afternoon to determine speaking order on Tuesday morning.


3.  Junior speakers will be only be judged against other Junior speakers; Intermediate speakers will only be judged against other Intermediate speakers.


4.  As always, all visitors to the school should start their visit to Dr. George Hall by signing in at the office before heading down to the gym.


Good luck to all of our speakers!  You are going to do an amazing job!