DGH Speeches (School Level Competition is Tuesday, February 24th)

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Speeches are taking place at DGH again this year.  Since this is my first year at DGH, I am looking forward to seeing what speeches look like here (every school is just a little bit different in terms of how they handle it).


Many students have been hard at work for the past few weeks researching their speech, writing it and then memorizing it for his/her presentation.  There are students who LOVE speeches and students who HATE speeches; however, most of us have survived the speech process!  Regardless of your feelings about speeches, the ability to speak and present confidently is a worthwhile skill in life for all of us.  For those students who LOVE speeches, it is an extraordinary thing to see how just how skilled they are at this!  Talking for between 3 and 5 minutes, looking at the audience and using intonation and voice control to engage the audience is no easy thing!  There are students in the junior grades who may well be better presenters than many adults!


The top speakers from each class will move onto the school level competition on Tuesday, February 24th.


The top speakers from each age group will then move onto the Woodville Legion’s competition on Wednesday, March 4th.


Good luck to all of our students who have written speeches and will be presenting!