First Term Report Cards Go Home, Friday, February 20th

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First Term Report Cards – February 20th

Parents and guardians, you can expect your son or daughter’s First Term Report Card to come home on Friday, February 20th.  As you prepare for the report card to come home, there are a few things that you should know.


• The First Term Report Card represents all of the learning that has taken place between September to the present.  The Progress Report is just a “snap shot” of student progress to about mid-November.  The Progress Report is more of a general overview, while the Report Card provides a more precise evaluation.


• Parents and guardians will notice that Learning Skills remain on the front page of the Report Card.  This has been done by the Ontario government for very specific reasons.  Most of us would agree that the Learning Skills demonstrated by students (e.g., responsibility or initiative) are critically important to future success.  These are very much the skills that our students will need as they enter the workforce and to be successful in life.  Learning skills are consistent throughout the province.


• Not every single subject area or strand will be reported on in the First Term.  For example, we generally report on 4 of 5 Math strands and 3 of 4 Arts strands in the First Term.  That being said, depending on the class and the year, it is possible that all of the strands might be reported on.


• Parent-Teacher Interviews are not formally scheduled for this set of Report Cards.  However, should you have questions or concerns you are welcome to contact your child’s homeroom teacher to arrange for an interview.  While the Report Card is fairly lengthy, the reality is that even then only so much can be shared in written form.


First Term Report Cards (like any and all report cards) represent a starting point for conversations regarding your daughter or son.  If you do have questions or concerns it is better for you to have the conversation with your child’s homeroom staff so that everyone “is on the same page.”