Welcome Back on Monday, January 5th

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School Resumes on Monday, January 5th

The groan of a few students might be heart on January 5th; however, most students will be excited and happy (even if they will not admit it!) and parents will be VERY happy – as school resumes!  The Christmas Holiday is over on Monday and DGH’s halls will be filled with our students talking about what they received and the family and friends get togethers and with friends who are just happy to see one another again.


From a staff perspective, this is a “prime time” part of the year!  The buildup to the holidays is over, classroom routines have been established for awhile and the next several months provide for a “prime” learning time.


As a staff, we are looking forward to having your children back at school and continuing the learning journey!


See you on Monday!

Recycle Rangers visit Grades 3-5 on January 6th

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Recycle Rangers Visit on January 6th

A quick reminder that the Recycle Rangers visit DGH’s grades 3-5 students on Tuesday, January 6th.  The Recycle Rangers (as the title suggests) are all about recycling!  Each year the Rangers focus on a specific aspect of recycling – this year it is about battery recycling.  Ms. Schmiegelow’s, Mrs. Adams’, Mrs. Karklins’, Mrs. Alexander’s, and Mrs. Burns’ classes will be attending this session.  The visit takes place from 9:30 to 10:30.

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