PA Day – January 30th

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PA Day on Friday, January 30th

On Friday, January 30th, students will enjoy a long weekend.  Teachers will be working on the First Term set of Report Cards.  We will cross our fingers for lots of snow so that our students can break out the sleds and toboggans (skis and snow boards for our older students) and enjoy the day outside!

Good Luck, Jr. and Sr. Girls Volleyball Teams!

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Good Luck Tomorrow, Junior and Senior Girls Teams!

Go, Huskies, Go!


Our Junior Mixed team and our Senior Girls team head off to their respective Zone tournaments tomorrow!  The Junior team plays in the morning and the Senior team plays in the afternoon.  All of their hard work and effort is going to pay off!  Regardless of wins and losses we know that you will do your best best and represent our school with pride!


Link to Volleyball Post with Additional Information

DGH Volleyball Team Shout-Out

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DGH Volleyball Teams Have Been VERY Hard at Work!

DGH school community, you should be proud of your Primary, Junior and Intermediate teams.  Aside from the practices that the volleyball teams have been regularly participating in (for the better part of 2 months), each of the teams have also been involved in numerous exhibition games.  The dedication to improving yourself and your team is impressive, players and coaches!  We recognize the time and commitment you are demonstrating by being part of a DGH volleyball team.  The announcements after exhibition games often talk about teamwork and a “never give up attitude” shown by DGH players – which are both life skills.


Thanks also go to the parents who often help drive our players to the exhibition games.  Parent drivers are the unsung heroes of school sports!  Without you, we would often not be able to get our students to games.



DGH’s HAT (Healthy Active Team)

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On Thursday, January 15th, the DGH HAT team will be travelling to YMCA Camp Pine Crest for a full day of outdoor learning!  We will be participating in a leadership, environmental awareness and team building program with the staff at Camp Pine Crest.  We are excited for this opportunity which has been funded by the Ministry, through a program enhancement initiative in which Dr. George Hall has been awarded.


What is the HAT?  We are a leadership group consisting of grade seven and eight students whose goal is to promote and support healthy activity here at Dr. George Hall.  Our members are responsible for organizing and running physical activities and games which encourage the involvement of our younger students.


Part of our role also involves creating and announcing advertisements that promote healthy activity and/or nutritious snacking.  Advertising may take place on our morning announcements or be posted to the school website.


We are looking forward to an exciting, active, fun-filled day at Camp Pine Crest!


Thanks go to Mrs. Hadfield for organizing the HAT this year (and last).  Thanks also to Mr. Eagleson for attending the trip and providing additional supervision.

Kindergarten Registration – January 26th to February 6th

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Kindergarten Registration Takes Place from January 26th to February 6th 


(if your child was born in 2011, he/she is eligible to begin JK in September 2015)

One of the bigger moments of the school year takes place soon!  Parents will soon be able to register their soon to be JK daughters and sons for the 2015-2016 school year.  If you have older sons or daughters at school then you are probably comfortable with the process.


However, if this is your first child to come to school we know that the process can seem a little complicated and, let’s face it, your first child going to school is a big deal!  Staff at Dr. George Hall Public School will be happy to help guide you along the way.  There are no “silly” questions!  Any question that you may ask has probably been asked before and it is far better to have a sense of how the Kindergarten programme and DGH operates.


How to Register Your JK Daughter or Son at DGH


1.  Come visit the office at DGH.  Normal office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; however, the best time would be to come after 9:30 a.m. when the morning “rush” has ended.  You are always welcome to call the office at 705-786-1915 and office staff will let you know the best time to drop in.


2.  You will be given a registration package to fill out.  You can fill that out right at the school, or you can take it home, fill it out and then return it to the school.  The package provides us with important information about your child.


3.  There are a few items that you will want to bring with you:

•  proof of age of each child

•. name and phone number of family doctor

•  child’s immunization record

•  residence road name and 911 address

•   Ontario Health Card number (optional).


4.  Once the package and registration forms have been completed and submitted, your child will be added to our list of JK students starting next year.


A “Welcome to Kindergarten” visit to the school for parents and next year’s JKs will be held later in the spring.  This is an opportunity for you to visit the school, visit your child’s potential classrooms for next year and to meet the Kindergarten team.  In this visit you will also have an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have and get a sense of what the Kindergarten programme really looks like.  Welcome to Kindergarten is always a great experience and we always encourage parents to attend!

DGH Zone and County Volleyball Tournaments

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DGH’s Volleyball Teams are Hard At Work!


Go, Huskies, Go!

Zone Volleyball Date:

• Junior Mixed team is Tuesday, January 20th in the a.m. (at Mariposa)

• Senior Girls team is Tuesday, January 20th in the p.m. (at Mariposa)

• Senior Boys team is Tuesday, January 22nd in the p.m. (at Central)

Thank you to Mariposa and Central for hosting these tournaments.  Hosting and convening tournaments is a significant amount of work – your efforts are appreciated.


Zone/County Volleyball Date: Primary team is on Thursday, February 5th (all day)(at Mariposa and DGH)


County Volleyball Date: for any DGH Junior and Senior teams which make it is on Wednesday, January 28th (all day)


For the past 2 months, students on DGH’s volleyball teams have been hard at work in almost daily practices.  The staff coaching each of the volleyball teams are competitive (to say the least!).


• Ms. Arscott is coaching the Primary Mixed Volleyball team.


• Mrs. McGregor is coaching the Junior Mixed Volleyball team.


• Ms. Evans is coaching the Senior Boys Volleyball team.


• Ms. Jewell is coaching the Senior Girls Volleyball team.


Volleyball is definitely one of those sports where the ability for all players to work together on the floor is critical – so regular practices with full player attendance is critical.  Thus, being on the volleyball team requires a huge level of commitment for both students and staff.  Having played both of the Senior teams prior to the Christmas Holidays, I was extremely impressed with the teamwork and cohesiveness demonstrated by both the girls’ and boys’ teams!  It is clear that our volleyball team members take a great deal of pride in representing our school.


Thanks for the time, effort, commitment and sportsmanship demonstrated by our volleyball team members this year!  You are going to represent us well, Huskies!

Senior Girls and Boys Basketball Teams Compete Tomorrow in Zone Tournaments

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Good luck to both of Senior Basketball teams who compete tomorrow in their Zone Tournaments.  We know that you are going to do your best and make us proud!  Win or lose, as long as you work hard and show sportsmanship you will have bring a great Husky.


The Senior Girls play in the morning.  The Senior Boys play in the afternoon.  Both Zone Tournaments take place at DGH.  Thanks for convening, Ms. Graham!

I.E. Weldon Information Night – January 29th

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I.E. Weldon’s Information Night is January 29th at 7:00 p.m.

Grade 8 parents and students, do not forget that I.E. Weldon is hosting a Grade 8 Information Night for all students interested in coming to Weldon in September 2015.  This event will take place on Thursday, January 29th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m..  This open house experience provides students with valuable transition information, showcases many of the outstanding programs I.E. Weldon has to offer and gives families an opportunity to meet staff members.


Should you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact I.E. Weldon (705-324-3585) or the DGH office.

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