Ms. Jewell’s Gardening Club Wins a SpeakUp Grant!

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Congratulations to Ms. Jewell’s Gardening Club who submitted and received a $1000 grant from SpeakUp.  SpeakUp Grants are provided by the Ministry of Education and provide a way for students to connect what they are learning in the classroom to the outside world.  SpeakUp Grants are applied for in a combined effort by staff and students (in this case the Gardening Club organized by Ms. Jewell).


The $1000 grant will be used to continue the development of the outdoor learning area on the school yard (behind the primary climber).  Some of the ways that the money may be used is by:


• purchasing and placing more of the large stones that can be used for sitting on by students (these are the large, rectangular stones that are often used for landscaping),


• placing more gravel/small stones to improve/extend the walk ways in the garden, and


• adding more plants and shrubs.


The ultimate goal of the gardening club is to create a true outdoor learning space in which classes can go outside to learn in a natural environment.  The garden is well on the way to doing that!


During the spring and fall, the Gardening Club regularly meets to maintain the garden.  While the garden is closed during the winter months, it is a popular place for students during the remainder of the year.