DGH Volleyball Team Shout-Out

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DGH Volleyball Teams Have Been VERY Hard at Work!

DGH school community, you should be proud of your Primary, Junior and Intermediate teams.  Aside from the practices that the volleyball teams have been regularly participating in (for the better part of 2 months), each of the teams have also been involved in numerous exhibition games.  The dedication to improving yourself and your team is impressive, players and coaches!  We recognize the time and commitment you are demonstrating by being part of a DGH volleyball team.  The announcements after exhibition games often talk about teamwork and a “never give up attitude” shown by DGH players – which are both life skills.


Thanks also go to the parents who often help drive our players to the exhibition games.  Parent drivers are the unsung heroes of school sports!  Without you, we would often not be able to get our students to games.