DGH Zone and County Volleyball Tournaments

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DGH’s Volleyball Teams are Hard At Work!


Go, Huskies, Go!

Zone Volleyball Date:

• Junior Mixed team is Tuesday, January 20th in the a.m. (at Mariposa)

• Senior Girls team is Tuesday, January 20th in the p.m. (at Mariposa)

• Senior Boys team is Tuesday, January 22nd in the p.m. (at Central)

Thank you to Mariposa and Central for hosting these tournaments.  Hosting and convening tournaments is a significant amount of work – your efforts are appreciated.


Zone/County Volleyball Date: Primary team is on Thursday, February 5th (all day)(at Mariposa and DGH)


County Volleyball Date: for any DGH Junior and Senior teams which make it is on Wednesday, January 28th (all day)


For the past 2 months, students on DGH’s volleyball teams have been hard at work in almost daily practices.  The staff coaching each of the volleyball teams are competitive (to say the least!).


• Ms. Arscott is coaching the Primary Mixed Volleyball team.


• Mrs. McGregor is coaching the Junior Mixed Volleyball team.


• Ms. Evans is coaching the Senior Boys Volleyball team.


• Ms. Jewell is coaching the Senior Girls Volleyball team.


Volleyball is definitely one of those sports where the ability for all players to work together on the floor is critical – so regular practices with full player attendance is critical.  Thus, being on the volleyball team requires a huge level of commitment for both students and staff.  Having played both of the Senior teams prior to the Christmas Holidays, I was extremely impressed with the teamwork and cohesiveness demonstrated by both the girls’ and boys’ teams!  It is clear that our volleyball team members take a great deal of pride in representing our school.


Thanks for the time, effort, commitment and sportsmanship demonstrated by our volleyball team members this year!  You are going to represent us well, Huskies!