Final Day Before Holidays Events

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There is LOTS Going on at DGH Today!

There is lots planned for the final school day before Christmas Holidays at DGH.  Our day will start off with the final 10-15 minutes of our Character Education Assembly (there will be a number of student presentations).  The day segues into Christmas Carols which will last until the end of the first block.  I hear we have a special musical guest dropping – we are excited about that!


In the second block, the students’ intermediate volleyball teams will be playing staff.  The competition is always fierce.  All of our students will be coming to the gym to watch.  The students are always tough and certainly love winning the “bragging” rights for that sport.


I am guessing that many classes will be having a celebration of some sort in the third block.  It is a pretty good guess that the students’ minds will be on things other than school work by 2:00 p.m. today!