Christmas Shop Success!

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DGH’s Christmas Shop Was A HUGE Success!

Mrs. Walden is happy to report that the Christmas Shop was an outstanding success yesterday.  As reported previously, the tables were laden with items for students to choose from.  Incredibly, even more items rolled in Wednesday morning!  As is shown in the pictures below, a phenomenal amount of items were donated this year.  There is really nothing to say on this than THANK YOU for your generosity.  The smile on the faces of our younger children as they shop is priceless.  The pride they have in purchasing something for their family members is impressive!


As with the Breakfast with Santa, there are any number of thanks to go around.  Mrs. Walden deserves the overall thanks for organizing and looking after the Christmas Shop.  The organizing started almost at the beginning of the year and items have been rolling in for at least a couple of months.  This is no small organizational feat!  This is a memorable event for our students each year so the time put in by Mrs. Walden is greatly appreciated.  The volunteers who came in and helped with wrapping also deserve a huge thank you!  The volunteers came for the entire day and wrapped basically non-stop.  I watched the well-wrapped presents going by on bus duty and they looked great!  A large thank you also goes to the many grade 8 students who acted as “personal shoppers” for our younger students.  I heard extremely nice things about your work – just another example of the excellent ambassadors you are for our school.  As noted above, the final thank you goes to the many, many people who donated items.  The day, quite simply, cannot take place without your donations.


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