Breakfast With Santa Thanks!

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Breakfast With Santa Thanks

Thank you to the many parent council members, volunteers and staff members that made today’s Breakfast With Santa a success.  Mr. Boudreault, Ms. Watt, Ms. Brown Mrs. Hadfield, Mrs. DeGrotte, Ms. MacEachern and Mr. Adams were here early cooking the pancakes – it quickly grew into an impressive pile of flapjacks.  Many additional staff members helped with the final preparations and organization.  The breakfast was mostly finished by 1st Recess (not bad, considering 300+ students were fed in that amount of time).  Mr. Boudreault, the Parent Council Co-Chair, very much provides the overall organization to this day.  Ms. Watt, the other Parent Council Co-Chair, looked after the photos with Santa.


Thanks also go to Ms. Britton for organizing the morning’s carol sing (as she does each day this week).  The songs are chosen ahead of time, linked to a PowerPoint with the words and she plays the piano.


Of course, a thank you also goes to today’s special guest – Santa Claus!  Santa arrived just in time to hear “Santa Claus is Coming To Town.”  Thank goodness all of our students were on their best behaviour – as you do not want to be on Santa’s “naughty” list!  Santa stayed to have his photo taken with many students and was a huge hit!


If any volunteers or thanks have been missed, I apologize.  The day would not have been the success it was without the efforts of many, many people.


constable lanning photo