“Just Hanging Around…”

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Mr. Boudreault and Mr. Parish Took the Third Block Off!


Friday’s Character Education Assembly was a tremendous success.  While we ran out of time and will need to complete a few of the character education presentations on Thursday, December 18th – the portion completed was well done.  There are a number of “shout-outs.”


Mr. Boudreault, the Tape Cutters and the Student Helpers

(you can check out Mr. Boudreault “hanging around” below)


Although, to be honest, I am not sure that the tape cutters and student helpers need a shout-out for this!  Both staff and students alike seemed to take a great deal of delight in taping Mr. Boudreault (Parent Council Co-Chair) and Mr. Parish to the gym wall!  Regardless, thanks to Mr. Hetherington, Ms. Jewell and Ms. Burns for looking after the tape for Mr. Parish, and to Mrs. Read and Mrs. MacEachern for looking after the tape for Mr. Boudreault.  Staff members had to be quick cutting the tape and helping students place it.  The students involved in placing the tape (2 from each class), did an awesome job keeping the process moving along.


So…how much tape does it take to hold someone to the wall?  About 8 rolls each, as it turns outs.  We wanted to be left hanging for at least 10 minutes, so a significant amount of tape was used!  Both of us were left hanging for at least 15 minutes and if the tape had not been pulled off we would have been left hanging longer!  Mrs. MacEachern, our vice-principal, turned the lights out in the gym and threatened to leave us there for the weekend before relenting and helping us down!


Amanda C, Fiona R, Ms. Graham, Ms. Arscott, and Ms. Cayley 


Amanda C and Fiona R emceed this month’s Character Education.  Given that I was hanging around for the entire assembly, with little to do but listen, I can tell you that they were confident, well-spoken hosts.  Standing in front of almost 400 people (by the time you include students, parents and staff) and speaking is no easy task (many would shy away from doing it) – so the poise they demonstrated is impressive.  Congratulations, ladies, on a job well done.


Ms. Graham, Ms. Arscott and Ms. Cayley were involved in planning the assembly and putting all of the pieces together.  This is no small task!  Presentations included everything from sports to character education.  The character education pieces, several of which remain to be presented on Thursday, took a significant amount of time and planning to put together and reflect the passion that these staff members rightfully feel for character education building.


DGH Sports Teams Over the Past Several Years


Once the taping process started, the assembly got under way with numerous banners being paraded into the gym.  These banners represent championships won by DGH sports teams in the past few years.  What is most impressive about these banners is that they represent a variety of sports.  From skipping to soccer to track and field to cross country to the Duncan Watson Relay race…DGH has showed athletic prowess in multiple sports.  Finding space on DGH’s gym walls is not going to be easy!  To the members of these teams – thank you for continuing to build our school’s pride in sports.  We celebrate ALL students who try-out for our sports teams; however, we also appreciate the banners which are visible reminders of our school’s successes.


Mr. O’Reilly


Mr. O’Reilly, a City of Kawartha Lakes Councillor, and a resident of the area visited DGH to speak about Compassion during the assembly.  He spoke about the compassion that is shown in life as adults and what we learn about this character trait as kids stays with us as adults.  Thank you, Mr. O’Reilly, for sharing your time with us.