DGH Christmas Spirit Days

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Christmas Holidays Cannot Be Far Away…Because Christmas Spirit Days are Next Week!

To get everyone into the holiday spirit, Ms. Graham and the Student Leadership Team have organized Spirit days all next week!  Participating in these Spirit Days does not have to be expensive – a little creativity can go a long way!  We are giving lots of advance warning so that students and staff alike will have time to prepare.  Everyone is waiting to see what the dynamic duo (Ms. Starr and Mrs. Taylor) will come up.


Monday, December 15th – North Pole Day (this one is new to me – the challenge is to dress up as a North Pole or how you would imagine the North Pole to be!)


Tuesday, December 16th – Christmas Present Day – the challenge is out there to dress up as a Christmas Present


Wednesday, December 17th – Christmas Sweater Day – a favourite of many staff and students.  While you can certainly find classy Christmas sweaters, it is a lot more fun to find/create the most garish Christmas sweater possible!  Great creative!  Start designing!  Put it all together!


Thursday, December 18th – Red and Green Day – a classic and perfect way to head into the final day before Christmas holidays.  Break out as much red and green as possible to get into the Christmas spirit!  This is one day where red and green hair spray could be okay (but check with your parents first!).


Being a Dallas Cowboys fan, I am okay with giving Santa back THAT Pittsburgh Steelers sweater!