DGH Spirit Day – Character Day!

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Friday, November 14th is…CHARACTER DAY!


DGH students – the challenge is out there!  Our past 2 spirit days were popular and impressive!  So, we are looking to see what you can come up with for this one.


Do you have a favourite movie, book or television character (just to name a few).  Perhaps it is a character from history?


Get your “character” ready!  Show your school spirit!

DGH Recognizes Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day – Tuesday, November 11th

On Tuesday, November 11th, Dr. George Hall will recognize the most important day of the year: Remembrance Day.  At 11:30 a.m. (immediately following our first recess), students will come to the gym to participate in our Remembrance Day Service.  Parents and relatives of students are always welcome to join us on this day.


Remembrance Day recognizes the thousands of Canadian servicemen and servicewomen who have fallen in defending and serving Canada.  As a country, our military has served and protected us in numerous wars, including: the Boer War, the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War and Afghanistan.  More than 60 000 Canadian soldiers died in the First World War and another 40 000 soldiers in the Second World War.  While we certainly do not glorify war, we recognize the extraordinary bravery and achievements of the women and men who have served Canada.


We ask that each student bring a small donation for the Legion’s Poppy Fund for Tuesday.  Each student will be given a poppy to wear on Tuesday.


If you are interested in learning more about Canada’s military history you can click on the link below.


Canada’s Military History

Legion Presentation for Grade 7 & 8s Today

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Legion Presentation

Today, DGH’s grade 7 and 8 students received a presentation from Howard Tremaine and John Sherman, 2 local Legion members, about why we recognize Remembrance Day and local men and women who have served in the Canadian military.  Howard Tremaine served as a navigation officer in the early 1960’s in the Canadian Air Force.  He was on a variety of planes, including B-25 “Mitchell” and Lancaster bombers.  John Sherman also served in the early 1960’s, going over to Cyprus as a United Nations Peace Keeper.  He belonged to the Canadian Army.


During the presentation, our students learned about the various wars in which Canada’s soldiers have participated and the human cost in terms of our dead, wounded and prisoners of war.  John also discussed local men and women who have or are currently serving in the Canadian military, making the presentation all the more personal.


Thanks to Mrs. MacEachern for organizing this presentation.  It was certainly insightful as we prepare for Remembrance Day.  Thanks also to John and Howard for taking the time to visit Dr. George Hall.


Legion Presentation

Nutrition News – Mrs. DeGroote

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Mrs. DeGroote’s Monthly Nutrition News


(Thank you to Mrs. DeGroote for putting this portion of the newsletter together.  For those of you who do not know Mrs. DeGroote, she is an Educational Assistant at DGH who looks after the nutritional snack program – and does an outstanding job at it.  Due to her hard work any number of students benefit each day.  You may have noticed the healthy snacks which are placed in the main foyer of the school each morning that students can choose from in the morning.)


Eat breakfast.


You may have heard this statement before. However, the researchers at the Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, claim that breakfast eaters are half as likely to develop viral infections. They say that regular morning meals triple your body’s production of gamma interferon, which is a natural antiviral compound. Breakfast doesn’t need to be fancy to get this protection. If you eat foods such as almonds, Greek yogurt, legumes, avocados or eggs, you will leave the table feeling full. Help your family and yourself by eating breakfast and avoid viral infections.


Our nutrition program has 4 ambitious students who rise early to come in to help prepare the breakfast trays for our students. Thank you to Madeline Debnam, April and Clifford Brodie and Teresa Campsall. As well as learning useful food handling skills, you are providing our students with nutritious food.


Since he was in kindergarten, Kalvin Smith has shown what a generous person he is. Instead of receiving presents for his birthday, Kalvin asked his friends to bring foods that our nutrition program will use for breakfast. This year, Kalvin presented me with cash that can be used to purchase food for Breakfast Club. What a generous young man! Thank you, Kalvin!

Since we feed upwards of 80 students per day, this means we use quite a quantity of fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. Breakfast Club is always appreciative of any donations – cash or food.


~ Mrs. DeGroote

School Photo Retakes Tomorrow

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School Retakes are TOMORROW (Monday, November 3rd)


A reminder, parents and guardians, that any students requiring photo retakes or who were absent for the original photo day will have their photos taken on Monday, November 3rd.

LCVI Pathways Information Night – November 13

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LCVI Pathways Information Night


Date:     Thursday, November 13th

Time:     6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Parents of grade 8 students, please be aware that LCVI (the high school that most DGH graduates attend) has organized a “LCVI Pathways Information Night” on Thursday, November 13th.  This is a well thought-out idea!  For parents who have not had a child begin high school, the different possible pathways can seem complicated.  Times have certainly changed since many of us attended high school!  Both students and parents are encouraged to attend this information evening.  Grade 8 students will be starting high school in less than a year!


There will be 2 guest speakers:

Jamie McMillan – an iron worker who will be discussing women working in the trades.

TBA – a speaker who will be discussing opportunities in terms of university.


There will be a number of breakout rooms where parents and students can learn more about particular areas of interest (e.g., OYAP, SHSM, DC, and AP).  In addition, there should be staff members from various departments to discuss the upcoming grade 9 year.  A “Grade 8 Parent Survival Handbook” will also be distributed to parents.


Should you have further questions about this evening you can contact office staff at either Dr. George Hall (705-786-1915) or LCVI (705-324-3556).

IE Weldon Power Pack and IB Programme Information

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IE Weldon Power Pack and IB Information Night


This information is for grade 8 parents.


I.E. Weldon Secondary School will be hosting an information night for all families and educators interested in learning more about the Power Pack and International Baccalaureate Programmes.  The session will be held on Wednesday, November 19th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m..  If you would like more information, please contact Erin Matthew, IB Coordinator, at 705-324-3585, ext. 36026 or by email at [email protected].  We hope to see you there!

DGH “Grows” Into Movember!

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Movember Is On At Dr. George Hall!


School Goal – $340!


Okay, DGH, we did not have a lot of build-up for Terry Fox or the Little Caesar’s Parent Council Fundraiser…but that is going to change with Movember!  Movember has become the month where money is raised for Prostate Cancer Research.  It is incredible to believe that in only a few short years Movember has grown from a small, unknown event to the very publicized and worthwhile event it has become today!


Since I am a guy (it is Mr. Parish writing this post), it is no surprise that I take a special interest in Movember.


Information on Movember and Prostate Cancer Research can be located at the link below:


Movember Information


The DGH Challenge


1.  The guys on staff (Mr. Eagleson, Mr. Hetherington and Mr. Parish) have agreed to grow their best ‘staches for Movember.  To be truthful, Mr. Hetherington was NOT excited about growing a ‘stache (his wife is not overly fond of it); however, because it is for a good cause, he finally agreed to grow one.


Better yet, Madame Evans has agreed to not shave her legs for the month of Movember!  THAT is dedication!


2.  Our school goal is $340 dollars, or $1 per student.  We are asking that at some point this month, each student bring in at least $1 and give it to their homeroom teacher.


3.  If we reach our school goal of $340, Mr. Eagleson, Mr. Hethering, and Mr. Parish will shave their ‘staches at the November Praise Assembly.  More impressively, Madame Evans just might shave her legs at the Assembly, too (and, let’s face it, that is WAY more brave than the guys shaving their ‘staches!).  BUT – we have to reach our school goal!


4.  All of the money collected will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research.


5.  Students – you can participate, too!


(a) Speak to your parents before doing this; however, you might get your parents to purchase a fake ‘stache which you can put on for the day of the November Praise Assembly.


(b) I have even some students be creative and create their own ‘staches and wear them for the day of the Praise Assembly.


Huskies, let’s make this happen!  Let’s reach our school goal and have a “shave off” at the November Praise Assembly!


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