Minister’s Student Advisory Council for 2014-2015

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Grade 7 – 12 Students Can Apply to the Minister’s Student Advisory Council for 2014-2015


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What is it? The Minister’s Student Advisory Council (MSAC) is a group of approximately 60 students from across the province. These students share their ideas and provide advice to the Minister of Education on a variety of topics regarding Ontario’s publicly funded education system. MSAC is a place where students have a voice and where they will be heard.

Youth don’t have to wait until tomorrow to be leaders today. The first council made an important contribution by identifying Nine Student Voice Indicators that represent the ideas of students from across Ontario about what helps strengthen student engagement in learning. The first council also made recommendations on school culture, classroom culture, curriculum and education policy.

Visit to learn more about the Student Voice Initiative and see this year’s council members.

The deadline for consideration is February 28, 2015, by 10 p.m. All applicants will receive a letter telling them the outcome of their application.

Who can apply? Students from Ontario’s publicly funded schools who are in grades 7 to 12 can apply to become a member of the MSAC. No special qualifications are required. All students are welcome and encouraged to apply. If you have applied in previous years and are in grades 7-12, you are encouraged to reapply. If you have been an MSAC member, you are still eligible to apply for next year’s council.

Who is selected? The council celebrates student diversity. Successful applicants combine lived experience with a perspective that they are genuinely interested in representing. They demonstrate passion for issues affecting youth and a desire to make a difference. Weight is given to the applicant’s past involvements, and to their proposed actions. The following criteria will be used to evaluate applications:

  • A past lived experience is well explained and demonstrates the unique voice of the student (7 points)
  • The view of the student, on students that are heard versus students that are not, is well explained (3 points)
  • Actions to strengthen student engagement in their learning are well identified and explained (3 points)
  • The perspective the student would like to represent on the Council is well identified (3 points)
  • A passion for issues affecting youth and willingness to make a difference are well demonstrated or expressed (3 points)

What is involved? The council meets with the minister twice a year. Appointment to MSAC is conditional on your availability to participate in both meetings (one day in May and five consecutive days in August). Council members may also be invited to participate in a regional events, meetings, and forums, but these are not mandatory to attend.

Travel may be required to attend MSAC meetings. All accommodation, food and transportation costs are covered by the Ministry of Education for council members and, where applicable, teacher/adult supervisors.

How to apply? There are two parts to the application process. To complete part one of the application:

  1. sign in by creating an account or by using a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account;
  2. fill out the application, and;
  3. submit your application by 10 p.m. on Saturday February 28, 2015.

MSAC applications may be submitted at any time once completed until the application deadline.
After an initial review of applicants, students considered for appointment will be asked to provide
additional information. To complete part two of the application:

  1. sign in using the account you used to create your application;
  2. provide a short biography;
  3. provide a photograph, and;
  4. sign, scan, and upload the ministry consent form.

You will receive a letter by the end of the school year to inform you of the outcome of your application.

If you are selected for appointment to the Minister’s Student Advisory Council we will ask you to keep your selection confidential until the ministry announces the new council.