DGH Kindergarten Learning!

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Mrs. McGregor’s and Mrs. Hadfield’s Class Investigates Patterns

It was a “Pattern Party!”

Mrs. McGregor’s and Mrs. Hadfield’s JK/SK class investigated some “tasty” learning today.  Parents and guardians, if you remember back many, many years you may remember that patterning begins WAY back in Kindergarten!  Learning about Patterning in Kindergarten means learning about AB and ABC patterns.  Check out the photo of the Fruit Loops Necklace and you will see an ABC pattern (orange, yellow, green, orange, yellow, green).  Other students worked on creating patterns on a “crown” that they could then wear.  Why is this so important?  Patterning happens throughout our elementary Math curriculum!  Kindergarten is where it all begins!


You will notice one boy with his “pattern power” cape.  It looks like everyone in the Kindergarten classroom is a patterning superhero!


patterning 1 patterning 2