DGH Spirit Day… A Success!

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DGH’s Spirit Day – Character Day


Friday, November 14th saw DGH’s students and staff get into “character.”  It was a great success!  Characters ranged from Minnie Mouse to characters from Frozen to Harry Potter to Zelda (Mr. Parish is happy to see that at least 1 student in the school actually knows a video game character that he played when he was younger).


Of course, there is always one staff member with a sense of humour (at least, I HOPE it was a sense of humour!).  Please check out Ms. Schmiegelow, or should I say Ms. Parish?  It was an impressive costume, I cannot deny that.  From the vest (it is hard to miss me on the yard), to the walkie-talkie tucked into the vest, to the brown pants (my least favourite colour), to the black coat and hat and to the mustache…she pretty much pulled it off (I cannot deny it!).  Apparently I even have a specific style of walk because she sure did an excellent job imitating it!  The best part of her impersonation?  A younger student came into the office looking for me.  Mrs. Taylor said I was in the hallway.  The student went into the hallway, saw “Mr. Parish” and immediately took off after him/her.


Since I occasionally have a sense of humour, I could not help but play 10 questions with myself.  Sadly, Ms. Parish only got 6 out of 10 correct!


Ms. Schmiegelow



10 Questions for “Ms.” Parish


1. Favourite colour – got it wrong (it’s orange)

2. Colour of my car – got it wrong (it’s gold)

3. My wife’s name – got it wrong (Lucy)

4. How many kids – got it correct (2)

5. What sports do they play: got it correct (both play hockey and lacrosse)

6. Favourite band – got it wrong (Rolling Stones)

7. Favourite pet – got it correct (cat)

8. Favourite subject – got it correct (History)

9. Books or video games – got it correct (books)

10. 3 previous schools before this – got it correct (Dunsford, Queen Vic, Rolling Hills)


Very impressive, Ms. Schimegelow!