Legion Presentation for Grade 7 & 8s Today

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Legion Presentation

Today, DGH’s grade 7 and 8 students received a presentation from Howard Tremaine and John Sherman, 2 local Legion members, about why we recognize Remembrance Day and local men and women who have served in the Canadian military.  Howard Tremaine served as a navigation officer in the early 1960’s in the Canadian Air Force.  He was on a variety of planes, including B-25 “Mitchell” and Lancaster bombers.  John Sherman also served in the early 1960’s, going over to Cyprus as a United Nations Peace Keeper.  He belonged to the Canadian Army.


During the presentation, our students learned about the various wars in which Canada’s soldiers have participated and the human cost in terms of our dead, wounded and prisoners of war.  John also discussed local men and women who have or are currently serving in the Canadian military, making the presentation all the more personal.


Thanks to Mrs. MacEachern for organizing this presentation.  It was certainly insightful as we prepare for Remembrance Day.  Thanks also to John and Howard for taking the time to visit Dr. George Hall.


Legion Presentation