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Mrs. DeGroote’s Monthly Nutrition News


(Thank you to Mrs. DeGroote for putting this portion of the newsletter together.  For those of you who do not know Mrs. DeGroote, she is an Educational Assistant at DGH who looks after the nutritional snack program – and does an outstanding job at it.  Due to her hard work any number of students benefit each day.  You may have noticed the healthy snacks which are placed in the main foyer of the school each morning that students can choose from in the morning.)


Eat breakfast.


You may have heard this statement before. However, the researchers at the Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, claim that breakfast eaters are half as likely to develop viral infections. They say that regular morning meals triple your body’s production of gamma interferon, which is a natural antiviral compound. Breakfast doesn’t need to be fancy to get this protection. If you eat foods such as almonds, Greek yogurt, legumes, avocados or eggs, you will leave the table feeling full. Help your family and yourself by eating breakfast and avoid viral infections.


Our nutrition program has 4 ambitious students who rise early to come in to help prepare the breakfast trays for our students. Thank you to Madeline Debnam, April and Clifford Brodie and Teresa Campsall. As well as learning useful food handling skills, you are providing our students with nutritious food.


Since he was in kindergarten, Kalvin Smith has shown what a generous person he is. Instead of receiving presents for his birthday, Kalvin asked his friends to bring foods that our nutrition program will use for breakfast. This year, Kalvin presented me with cash that can be used to purchase food for Breakfast Club. What a generous young man! Thank you, Kalvin!

Since we feed upwards of 80 students per day, this means we use quite a quantity of fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. Breakfast Club is always appreciative of any donations – cash or food.


~ Mrs. DeGroote