LCVI Pathways Information Night – November 13

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LCVI Pathways Information Night


Date:     Thursday, November 13th

Time:     6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Parents of grade 8 students, please be aware that LCVI (the high school that most DGH graduates attend) has organized a “LCVI Pathways Information Night” on Thursday, November 13th.  This is a well thought-out idea!  For parents who have not had a child begin high school, the different possible pathways can seem complicated.  Times have certainly changed since many of us attended high school!  Both students and parents are encouraged to attend this information evening.  Grade 8 students will be starting high school in less than a year!


There will be 2 guest speakers:

Jamie McMillan – an iron worker who will be discussing women working in the trades.

TBA – a speaker who will be discussing opportunities in terms of university.


There will be a number of breakout rooms where parents and students can learn more about particular areas of interest (e.g., OYAP, SHSM, DC, and AP).  In addition, there should be staff members from various departments to discuss the upcoming grade 9 year.  A “Grade 8 Parent Survival Handbook” will also be distributed to parents.


Should you have further questions about this evening you can contact office staff at either Dr. George Hall (705-786-1915) or LCVI (705-324-3556).