DGH “Grows” Into Movember!

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Movember Is On At Dr. George Hall!


School Goal – $340!


Okay, DGH, we did not have a lot of build-up for Terry Fox or the Little Caesar’s Parent Council Fundraiser…but that is going to change with Movember!  Movember has become the month where money is raised for Prostate Cancer Research.  It is incredible to believe that in only a few short years Movember has grown from a small, unknown event to the very publicized and worthwhile event it has become today!


Since I am a guy (it is Mr. Parish writing this post), it is no surprise that I take a special interest in Movember.


Information on Movember and Prostate Cancer Research can be located at the link below:


Movember Information


The DGH Challenge


1.  The guys on staff (Mr. Eagleson, Mr. Hetherington and Mr. Parish) have agreed to grow their best ‘staches for Movember.  To be truthful, Mr. Hetherington was NOT excited about growing a ‘stache (his wife is not overly fond of it); however, because it is for a good cause, he finally agreed to grow one.


Better yet, Madame Evans has agreed to not shave her legs for the month of Movember!  THAT is dedication!


2.  Our school goal is $340 dollars, or $1 per student.  We are asking that at some point this month, each student bring in at least $1 and give it to their homeroom teacher.


3.  If we reach our school goal of $340, Mr. Eagleson, Mr. Hethering, and Mr. Parish will shave their ‘staches at the November Praise Assembly.  More impressively, Madame Evans just might shave her legs at the Assembly, too (and, let’s face it, that is WAY more brave than the guys shaving their ‘staches!).  BUT – we have to reach our school goal!


4.  All of the money collected will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research.


5.  Students – you can participate, too!


(a) Speak to your parents before doing this; however, you might get your parents to purchase a fake ‘stache which you can put on for the day of the November Praise Assembly.


(b) I have even some students be creative and create their own ‘staches and wear them for the day of the Praise Assembly.


Huskies, let’s make this happen!  Let’s reach our school goal and have a “shave off” at the November Praise Assembly!