Spirit Day Tomorrow – Pajama Day!

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Pajama Day on Friday, November 28th!

The “WE” Team is asking that each student donate $1 to their “Me To We” Campaign.


(The WE Team consists of grade 7 and 8 students who attended the “WE Day” Conference earlier in the Fall.  The WE team commits to supporting a local, national and international charities and initiatives each year.  They do great things!)


Tomorrow is one of DGH’s favourite Spirit Days – PAJAMA DAY!  You can wear your favourite pajamas to school tomorrow.  Break out your favourite Pittsburgh Steelers pajamas if you are Mr. Hetherington, your favourite Dallas Cowboys pajamas if you are Ms. Graham, your favourite Star Wars pajamas if you are Mrs. Starr, or your favourite golden retriever pajamas if you are Mrs. Adams.


Do not forget that your pajamas have to follow the normal school dress code and must be “school appropriate!”


DGH – let’s show our school spirit and have huge participation!

Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes

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Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes Sports Programs

Mega Hoops

Funding Provided By: Susan DeNure Sports Fund

Location: Dr. George Hall, Little Britain

Ages: Grades JK to 2

Day:  Wednesdays, starting Jan 21, 2015

Time:  6:15-7:00pm for Grades JK to 2

Cost: $30 per person for 6 weeks – Each participant receives a jersey & basketball (Minimum Registration Required) (Limited Spaces Available)

*Financial Assistance options available for all participants—contact Trevor Tompkins or Joshua Williams


Steve Nash Youth Basketball

Funding Provided By: Susan DeNure Sports Fund

Location: Dr. George Hall, Little Britain

Ages:  Grades 3 to 4, Grades 5 to 6, and Grades 7 to 8

Day:  Wednesdays, starting Jan 21, 2015

Time: 7:00-8:00pm for Grades 3 to 4 and Grades 5 to 6, 8:00-9:00pm for Grades 7 to 8

Cost: $30 per person for 6 weeks – Each participant receives a jersey & basketball (Minimum Registration Required) (Limited Spaces Available)

*Financial Assistance options available for all participants—contact Trevor Tompkins or Joshua Williams


Registration: Register now online at www.bgckl.com/register or at the Boys & Girls Club, 107 Lindsay St. South, Lindsay or at Dr. George Hall on Wednesdays during Boys & Girls Club Sports Programs

Note:  Children must be registered before they can attend program which includes completed registration form, program selection form and payment.


For Registration inquiries please contact our office staff at (705) 324-4493 & press 200

For Program information please contact Trevor Tompkins @ (705) 324-4493 ext. 217 or[email protected] or Joshua Williams @ (705) 324-4493 ext. 211 or [email protected]

Mrs. DeGroote’s Nutrition News

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Nutrition News


“Since we feed upwards of 80 students per day, we use quite a quantity of fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.  Breakfast Club is always appreciative of any donations – cash or food.”

This paragraph ended the November Nutrition News. As a result of the appeal, Breakfast Club has received numerous donations of food and cash. Thank you to those of you who have sent something for our nutrition program.  The children will benefit from your generosity.

I regularly seek nutrition information to share with you. I recently read an article in the September issue of Canadian Living magazine. In this article, it explained how you can keep your family at a healthy weight by changing their diet.

By taking a little time and planning you can provide your children with healthier choices for any meal or snack. Follow the suggestions in Canada`s Food Guide and include foods from the four food groups to ensure you are serving more nutritious meals. Seek suggestions from your children for their meals. They will more likely eat everything if they are a part of the process.

With the holiday season nearly upon us, we tend to nibble on less healthy foods. To offset gaining extra pounds, remember to keep active. Take a walk with your family to look at the holiday decorations in your neighbourhood. Tobogganing is a terrific activity that burns calories, while everyone has fun. Give it a try!

Mrs. DeGroote

City of Kawartha Lakes – December Library Events

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December Library Events for Local City of Kawartha Lakes Libraries

Little Britain

Craft Hour

Saturdays from 10:30 – 11:30 am
December 20


Read to the Dogs

Once per month
Dates and times TBA


Little Britain Library Hours          Call 705 786-2088 for information.

Mondays        10 am – 2 pm

Thursdays     4 pm – 8 pm

Saturdays      10 am – 2 pm



Storytime & Craft

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm

December 2, 9,  16


Oakwood Library Hours   Call 705 953-9060 for information.

Tuesdays       11 am – 7 pm

Saturdays      10 am – 2 pm

Minister’s Student Advisory Council for 2014-2015

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Grade 7 – 12 Students Can Apply to the Minister’s Student Advisory Council for 2014-2015


Click Here for Information Poster


What is it? The Minister’s Student Advisory Council (MSAC) is a group of approximately 60 students from across the province. These students share their ideas and provide advice to the Minister of Education on a variety of topics regarding Ontario’s publicly funded education system. MSAC is a place where students have a voice and where they will be heard.

Youth don’t have to wait until tomorrow to be leaders today. The first council made an important contribution by identifying Nine Student Voice Indicators that represent the ideas of students from across Ontario about what helps strengthen student engagement in learning. The first council also made recommendations on school culture, classroom culture, curriculum and education policy.

Visit www.ontario.ca/speakup to learn more about the Student Voice Initiative and see this year’s council members.

The deadline for consideration is February 28, 2015, by 10 p.m. All applicants will receive a letter telling them the outcome of their application.

Who can apply? Students from Ontario’s publicly funded schools who are in grades 7 to 12 can apply to become a member of the MSAC. No special qualifications are required. All students are welcome and encouraged to apply. If you have applied in previous years and are in grades 7-12, you are encouraged to reapply. If you have been an MSAC member, you are still eligible to apply for next year’s council.

Who is selected? The council celebrates student diversity. Successful applicants combine lived experience with a perspective that they are genuinely interested in representing. They demonstrate passion for issues affecting youth and a desire to make a difference. Weight is given to the applicant’s past involvements, and to their proposed actions. The following criteria will be used to evaluate applications:

  • A past lived experience is well explained and demonstrates the unique voice of the student (7 points)
  • The view of the student, on students that are heard versus students that are not, is well explained (3 points)
  • Actions to strengthen student engagement in their learning are well identified and explained (3 points)
  • The perspective the student would like to represent on the Council is well identified (3 points)
  • A passion for issues affecting youth and willingness to make a difference are well demonstrated or expressed (3 points)

What is involved? The council meets with the minister twice a year. Appointment to MSAC is conditional on your availability to participate in both meetings (one day in May and five consecutive days in August). Council members may also be invited to participate in a regional events, meetings, and forums, but these are not mandatory to attend.

Travel may be required to attend MSAC meetings. All accommodation, food and transportation costs are covered by the Ministry of Education for council members and, where applicable, teacher/adult supervisors.

How to apply? There are two parts to the application process. To complete part one of the application:

  1. sign in by creating an account or by using a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account;
  2. fill out the application, and;
  3. submit your application by 10 p.m. on Saturday February 28, 2015.

MSAC applications may be submitted at any time once completed until the application deadline.
After an initial review of applicants, students considered for appointment will be asked to provide
additional information. To complete part two of the application:

  1. sign in using the account you used to create your application;
  2. provide a short biography;
  3. provide a photograph, and;
  4. sign, scan, and upload the ministry consent form.

You will receive a letter by the end of the school year to inform you of the outcome of your application.

If you are selected for appointment to the Minister’s Student Advisory Council we will ask you to keep your selection confidential until the ministry announces the new council. 

IE Weldon IB Programme Info Night Rescheduled to Dec 2

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IE Weldon IB Programme Info Night


The original Info Night was cancelled due to inclement weather.  The night has been rescheduled to Tuesday, December 2 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Room 142.  Should you have any questions regarding the night, you may contact Ms. Matthews at IE Weldon (705-324-3585).

DGH Spirit Day – Pajama Day – November 28th

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Pajama Day – November 28th!

Who does not like to relax once in awhile?  Students always love this Spirit Day!  On Friday, November 28th, students can “take it easy” and wear their pajamas to school.  I am guessing that Ms. Graham will be wearing her favourite Dallas Cowboys pajamas and Mr. Hetherington will be wearing his Pittsburgh Steelers pajamas.  I am going to further guess that Madame Evans will be wearing her favourite French themed pajames, while Mrs. Read will go for something with rescue dogs (no pressure now, staff members!).


Please remember that pajamas must be school appropriate and must follow the usual dress code!


Let’s have huge participation, DGH!


toronto maple leaf pajamas angry-birds-pjs-black-blue

DGH Learning Can Happen at Anytime!

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DGH Has The Dance Moves

Mrs. Read had Mr. Hetherington’s grade 8 class for the Arts after 1st recess.  As you can see in the photo, the class was using DGH’s awesome stage and front foyer for their learning.  One of our JK students just happened to come along…and became part of the class!  While our grade 8’s do work with our JK/SK students at home times, it was great to see the “on the spot” learning taking place.  Nice job, grade 8s!

DGH Kindergarten Learning!

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Mrs. McGregor’s and Mrs. Hadfield’s Class Investigates Patterns

It was a “Pattern Party!”

Mrs. McGregor’s and Mrs. Hadfield’s JK/SK class investigated some “tasty” learning today.  Parents and guardians, if you remember back many, many years you may remember that patterning begins WAY back in Kindergarten!  Learning about Patterning in Kindergarten means learning about AB and ABC patterns.  Check out the photo of the Fruit Loops Necklace and you will see an ABC pattern (orange, yellow, green, orange, yellow, green).  Other students worked on creating patterns on a “crown” that they could then wear.  Why is this so important?  Patterning happens throughout our elementary Math curriculum!  Kindergarten is where it all begins!


You will notice one boy with his “pattern power” cape.  It looks like everyone in the Kindergarten classroom is a patterning superhero!


patterning 1 patterning 2

Poinsettia Orders Due, Monday, November 24th

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Parent Council’s Poinsettia Orders Due on Monday, November 24th

Please do not forget that the order forms are due on Monday.  Profits from this Parent Council fundraiser are going to support local families.  Each year the Parent Council is an active supporter of those who require additional assistance at this time of the year.  You can help them achieve their goals by selling poinsettias.


As mentioned previously, this is a new fundraiser for the Parent Council!  The goal was to try something new, while trying to stay with a product that many people purchase each year.

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