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BE THE CHANGE – DGH Students at Me to We Day (October 2nd)


“BE THE CHANGE.” I never thought that these three simple words combined to make a phrase could ever hold so much power, responsibility, and impact in oneself, until after attending We Day.  Mark and Craig Kielberger, along with all the other We Day speakers, taught me that the reality of these three words is that each and every single person, young or old, through our everyday actions, carry the power and responsibility of changing and shaping the world for either the better or worse.  We Day was an exceptional experience that I am honored to have been a part of. I think that I can speak for everyone that attended We Day when I say this, We Day changed me! I am  filled with hopes and desires to change the world in a positive way and after attending We Day I have the knowledge and resources to do so. We Day has not only motivated me but hundreds of thousands of students to get involved in local and global acts­. Before attending We Day I had no prior knowledge of what it would be like, so I had no expectations, but even if I had, We Day would not have only reached them but surpassed them.


It was a truly euphoric  feeling as the lights shut off and Mark and Craig emerged from behind the stage. The crowd of hundreds of  thousands of students rose, cheering as one, turning on the blue and white finger lights one by one until there was this glow that symbolized togetherness, and with togetherness comes change. That  feeling that welled inside of me was indescribable; it’s an emotion that has not yet been named, and I wish that everyone in the world, at least once, will have the gift of feeling it, because that feeling alone has the power to  single handedly wipe out all bad within everybody so that together, as one we can all work towards the greater goal of becoming local and global citizens to ignite the spark of change. We Day has ignited my inner activist as I hope it did for everyone else who cheered along side of me. We Day was truly a life changing experience that I will never forget, so I encourage all of you younger Huskies to try and get onto not only the amazing We Student Council team, where you get to help make your classmates days a little less boring, but so you’ll have the added privilege of going to We Day to listen to the motivational and knowledgeable speakers, to dance and sing with the amazing artists, and to be touched by Mark and Craig Kielburgers’  moving stories. I wish the future We Student Council members good luck!

~  Amanda Cherry