DGH Paper Newsletter Ends in November

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DGH’s Paper Newsletter Ends in November – We Are Online Only Beginning in December!


A letter should have come home already outlining DGH”s move to a completely online newsletter as of December 2014.  There is lots of information contained in that letter!  I will highlight the critical information in this post.  I have also attached the letter that went home as a link below.


DGH Website and Facebook Letter


Critical Information

1.  Beginning in December, DGH WON’T be publishing a paper newsletter.  There are a number of reasons for this, which are detailed in the link above (it’s a copy of the letter that went home).


2.  Aside from the environmental benefit (newsletters use up A LOT of paper), the majority of parents and students are online and get a majority of their information online, as well.  Information the school website and Facebook page is available whenever one has an internet connection.  As well, information on the website can be changed as needed.  With a traditional newsletter it was often difficult to inform parents of changes (especially if the change had only short-term notice).


3.  We recognize that there people without access to the internet.  Parents who truly require a paper newsletter can fill out the form that was attached to the letter and return it to the office.  We will put you onto a paper newsletter distribution list and do our best to ensure you receive a paper newsletter.  The paper newsletter will simply be a print-off of our posts for the month.


If you fall into the category of requiring a paper newsletter, please do not feel bad about it!  While our goal is to go as paperless as possible, we recognize that there will be people who require a paper newsletter.


4.  DGH will continue to put out the traditional paper calendar that has always gone out.  We recognize that the calendar is a “go to” piece of information that lives on many people’s fridges (including mine!!!).


Please be aware, though, that the calendar on the school’s website is your most up-to-date source for when events are taking place at the school.  Dates and times do periodically change.  Thus, the online calendar will usually be more current than the paper newsletter which is sent home at the beginning of each month.


5.  The form attached to the letter also has a checkbox giving (or not giving) permission for your child(ren)’s photos to be displayed on the school’s website and Facebook page.  This is completely voluntary!  We recognize that some parents will be fine with this, while other parents do not want this to happen (and we respect your decision, either way).  Having done this at a previous school, those parents who gave permission for photos of their son/daughter to be posted really appreciated getting a glimpse into the types of things that their sons and daughters are doing at school.


Should you require any additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 705-786-1915.